Zattoo + Vista = Love


Vista Ultimate Edition

The Zattoo Player and Windows Vista met on February 14, Valentine’s Day:

Vista: My older brother XP told me great things about you.
Zattoo [blushed]: Thanks, I’m flattered. But who are you?
Vista: I’m Vista, and I’m much more entertaining than XP.
Zattoo [horny]: Well, I’m entertaining too, so I think we should get to know each other better…

It was love at first love sight. They knew each other (as in “Adam knew Eve”), and Zattoo 2.2.4, the fruit of their love, was born. Download it here if you already have a Zattoo account. Or sign up here first if you don’t.


23 Responses to “Zattoo + Vista = Love”

  1. guybrush Says:

    I can’t get to work the latest zattoo beta on Vista64 ultimate. The program just terminates without an error message.

  2. Walley Says:

    Yeah! Vista!

  3. Vista Says:

    That’s not a bug of Zattoo but a feature of Vista. I heard that with the next Vista service pack all non-Microsoft will be able to benefit from this 🙂

  4. vidor Says:

    interested to know more about vista. is it OK compare to Xp?

  5. Administer Says:

    funny post made. i enjoyed reading it. 😀

  6. Negussie Says:

    i do not under stand your idea pls ?

  7. mr. friday Says:


    “Internet-TV: Zattoo geht nach England
    ZÜRICH • Das Schweizer Gratis-TV-Projekt «» wagt den Sprung ins Ausland. Diese Woche startet es in England durch. Im April folgen Dänemark, im Juni Deutschland. Bis Ende Jahr will Zattoo auch in den USA präsent sein. Laut «persö» befindet sich das Start-up-Unternehmen auch sonst auf Erfolgskurs. Zattoo hat bereits eine Viertelmillion Nutzer. Diese sollen europaweit bald 100 Sender kostenlos empfangen können.”

    Das ist ja sehr schön und gut, aber WIESO STEHT DAS NICHT HIER AUF DER HOMEPAGE??

  8. mr. friday Says:

    sehr interessant, interview mit zattoo:

  9. Fredo Says:

    Super. Ein MCE Plug-In wäre noch besser. Weiter so…

  10. Lars Says:

    Wie sieht es denn mit Macs aus?
    Kann zattoo es genauso lieb haben wie Vista?

  11. ruedi Says:

    Linux: My user told me great things about you.
    Zattoo [blushed]: Thanks, I’m flattered. But who are you?
    Linux: I’m Ubuntu, and my price is much lower than XP.
    Zattoo [horny]: Well, I’m for free too, so I think we should get to know each other better!
    Linux [now horny too]: Yeah, but when?
    Zattoo: …

  12. italia Says:


  13. yvan vial-boggia Says:

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  14. Mohamed Says:

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  16. maraisndoye Says:

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  17. Mathew Says:

    What about the following platform which I use:

    – Ubuntu 7.04 Linux based computer ( )
    – Nokia Internet Tablet – N800 ( )

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    – Dell to Offer Ubuntu 7.04

    Hope you will consider Linux users too.

  18. Jelpy Says:

    Interesting story but you didn’t tell why Vista is better than XP with Zatto?!

    I have no intention whatsoever to switch to Vista in the foreseeable future.

    On the contrary I’ll stay with XP as 1) it’s more stable, 2) Vista requires I upgrade my hardware and 3) I loose compatibility with some software; as we say: “You don’t change a team that wins!!”

  19. famefas Says:


  20. or.rpkd@aearwrnce Says:

    Vista 64 still dont work… ehh Zattoo on Vista 64 still dont work. 😦

  21. ellaela-ue Says:

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  22. frenky Says:


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