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Vroom vroom 2

February 7, 2008

car2.jpgHappiness sometimes lies in little things: the after-work beer, the sexy, red „not another new pair of shoes, honey!“ sling-backs one has passed on the way to work just one time too many, a box of chocolates. For some people happiness is when the boss notices them, for others it lies in getting through the day below the radar screen.

For car fetishists and other lovers of the four-wheeled kind Zattoo brings happiness in the form of a car channel devoted to just – well, cars.  AutoMoto TV goes car à gogo 24 hours a day, with test reports on new cars, specials on luxury and tuning models, and interviews with experts and representatives from the auto industry. AutoMoto TV is viewable in English on Zattoo in Denmark and Norway so far, and in the German version in Germany and Switzerland. It will be rolled out to the other Zattoo-ified countries soon.

Zattoo – TV to the people.


Tischtennis à gogo / Table tennis à gogo

November 7, 2007

Ab sofort auf Zattoo in Deutschland und Norwegen: der GERMAN OPEN DES TABLE TENNIS. Vom 7. bis 11. November spielen die weltbesten Tischtennis Players in Bremen um viel Cash und einen Platz in Peking. ttlive auf Zattoo schauen, und plötzlich dreht sich alles nur noch um einen kleinen, harten Ball.


Available now on Zattoo in Norway and Germany: the GERMAN OPEN OF TABLE TENNIS. From November 7 to 11 the world’s best table tennis players will give it all to get lots of cash and an entry ticket to Peking. Watch ttlive on Zattoo, and suddenly the whole focus is on one small, hard ball.

Zattoo – Balls for you and me.

Next stop: Norway

October 30, 2007


On our way to conquer the rest of Europe we’re putting in a stop in the land of gravlaks, lingonberries, geitost, akvavit, and pickled herring. (Just to get something straight here: no, we do not choose launch countries by their culinary offering. Not that I would mind. For sushi it would be Japan, for lemon meringue pie the US, the Jewish Diaspora for matzah ball soup …) .

Now that all the tourists are gone and darkness is descending for the next few months, our Norwegian friends need an additional distraction. It’s bad enough to be stuck in front of the computer with work, emails etc., and not to be able to catch up on your favorite show or a major sports event. What if night also reigns for most of the day? That sucks. That’s just plain unfunny. Zattoo fights broken marriages, unhappy children and run-away pets by bringing a shiny and cheerful orange light onto Norwegian PCs with NRK1, NRK2, and a broad selection of international channels.

Zattoo – Fight the darkness. Download now!