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Billag yes? Billag no? Billag maybe!

January 31, 2007

20minuten, a free Swiss newspaper, published an article today covering Zattoo, in which the journalist kind of made me state that consumption of TV through Zattoo is not subject to the Swiss TV and Radio tax (a.k.a. Billag fee).

Reality is a bit more complex. We talked to Bakom back in November 06. Their press contact told us that “Zattoo is the unique single only service in Switzerland that is Billag-free. Here’s why: The ruling by Bakom regarding Billag fees is actually in favor of Billag and makes it very clear that if a subscription fee is charged by the provider, even for Internet TV, then Billag must be paid as well. Zattoo, however, being subscription (fee) free, is the sole exception.

What do we think? There’s a good chance (98%) that you’re paying the fee already, so no reason to worry or to do anything. If you never bothered to pay Billag for your good old television set, the Zattoo experience of television anytime anywhere should be a good reason to start doing so