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Welcome UK!

December 20, 2007


Ouch. (Head is pounding after heavy-duty office celebration last night.) Finally made it. UK online. Respectively Zattoo online and open for everybody in the Ukited Ningdom. Meaning United Kingdom. Heavy party. Lots of beer. Beer is good. Too much not.  Message from Zattoo: don’t drink too much beer. Trust us. (Ouch.)

(Moving on.) Now everybody in UK can watch TV on his or her PC. Is very cool. Need to escape mother-in-law droning on in living room? Go watch TV on your PC. Girlfriend watching “(ENTER SOAP OF HER CHOICE)” or ”Pretty Woman”? Or – worse – want to watch “Pretty Woman” yourself but too embarrassed to do so in public? (We won’t tell.) Escape to your PC.  Watch YOUR own stuff. Zattoo now available for download in whole of UK. Check it out now.  Gotta go. Hold head under running water.

Zattoo – We’re still out to conquer the world. One little step at a time. 

A PS on a more serious note:  this is still a beta launch, and we plan to make further channels available in the next release, coming early 2008.

Party on, Uwe

November 8, 2007


Zattooees united: it’s time to pop a bottle in celebration of the over 100’000 users in Germany and the fact that we finally made it to the country of Weißbier and Currywurst.

Join us at the ZATTOO LAUNCH PARTY in Berlin on 22 November. Meet Sugih and Beat, the founders. Get a chance to chat up with other members of the Zattoo team and all your co-users out there. Share a beer and more and some hours of fun and relaxation.

Here’s the where and when:

22 November, 2007
starting at 21:30
At Theater Ballhaus Ost
Pappelallee 15, Prenzlauer Berg
10437 Berlin

Important: please send a quick note to or leave a comment by November 13 at the latest if you’re planning to attend. This helps us calculate the bottles of beer to chill …

Also important: please print this blog invite and bring it as an entry ticket to the party.

Zattoo – Long live orange TV!

Belgium – You’re next!

September 26, 2007

To launch – or not to launch. Futile question, really. As fairly simple people (apart from an exception or two whom I am NOT going to mention now) we’re not really into the pondering of deep questions. If we can launch we will. Belgium was on our list of immensely cuddleable launchable countries for a while and has now made it to top position.

I can just hear all you Italians, Austrians and French crying out „Why them? Why not us?“ Well, there IS Belgium’s great beer and chocolate – which according to some very smart sources, which we all agree with over here but I can’t disclose, women actually need. Additionally, we also happen to have a great start lineup for you gals and guys over there. There’s VIJFtv and VT4 for the Flemish and La Une and La Deux for the French-speaking part. Add to that an ecletic mix of international news and entertainment channels for global minds, the homesick, and foreign language crammers – Al Jazeera English, Deutsche Welle, France 24 English, Luxe TV, SF info, Sumo TV, The Poker Channel, and TVP Polonia – and you’ve got Smörebröd a nice mix of online info-tainment to get you hooked going. Download now!

Zattoo – We care. For Belgians and other sorts of people.