About Zattoo
Zattoo is like a global, virtual cable provider. We acquire, transport and present live TV channels in one player for broadband users anywhere. Zattoo is the only provider of P2P IPTV to provide users with diverse and desired content of the highest possible video quality in one browser, while dramatically reducing cost and increasing reach for broadcasters and enabling advertisers to leverage the best aspects of both web-based and traditional television advertising methods.

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About this blog
This blog aims to regularly inform our users about what’s going at Zattoo. While the posts are written and published by Zattoo employees, the opinions expressed within are not necessarily those of the whole company, its Board members, or Shareholders. Official Company Statements are issued in the form of Press Releases.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Dario Says:

    If you’re gonna blog … ya gotta blog.


  2. blogdirectory Says:


  3. max Says:

    i’m here in salzburg and would love to beta test for zattoo; it’s the only way for me to get access to french television for improving my language skills so I’d be really happy to receive a test account; already joined on zattoo but without sucess 😉

  4. petrescu Says:

    we want italy!

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