The Zattoo website (finally) enters the 21st century


Yes to all of the below:

* It was impossible to find information on the old website (we thought so too)

* The design was – well, how can one put it nicely – early nineties?

* The channel list was never quite up-to-date (and yes, Wikipedia was tons more reliable in listing our offering)

* And the FAQ section was hell to search through for frustrated people in a hurry

Enough of the self-flagellation. NOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED. We’ve become more structured (very possibly due to the increase in women in the company – hint, hint, male colleagues. And yes, it wouldn’t hurt you to clean up after yourselves in the kitchen), acquired a glossy flashy new century look, complete with interactivity and a cute little TV avatar dude, and  it’s finally possible to see all the channels we carry in every single country we’re live in.  And the whole thing is in all the languages of the countries that we’ve launched in so far. Which made the webteam briefly wonder about whether it was worth the hassle of launching in further countries – but no. The Italians alone would never forgive us.


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