Belgium: Feeding the News and Car Junkie in You



Do you really know what’s going on with your money? Are you sure it’s parked in the right place? And how is the company that you’re working for REALLY doing? Find out by watching Bloomberg TV – now available in French on Zattoo. Get the latest in business and financial news, 24 hours a day.

Or are you looking for a new car to spend that money on that you don’t have? Before you make a decision, tune in to AutoMoto TV. AutoMoto TV brings you test reports 24/7, interviews with experts and representatives of the automobile industry, and specials from the world of luxury cars and tuning. It’s ok to dream of that hot toy on wheels before going off to buy the choice of your wife reason.

Finally, if you need a dose of world news in French every now and then, the French version of France 24 (replacing the English version) is now available for you.

Zattoo – TV forever, wherever.


41 Responses to “Belgium: Feeding the News and Car Junkie in You”

  1. painy Says:

    Nice :D, great.

    A quick question, how come that free non profit channels (like één) that are broadcasted by the Belgian government aren’t added to the list of channels? (Don’t know about the French part of Belgium, talking about the Flemish part).

    Anyway thx for the great work you guys are doing. I’m 1/4th channel ready to switch from regular tv to zattoo.

  2. alessandra Says:

    siamo stufi!!!!!!!!!!Vogliamo anche l’Italia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. scarface Says:

    why dont ya tell us the truth about releasing in austria?
    i do not want to refresh evreyday this website, when its clear for you that you will release this program in austria just in a year?!!

    so whats the real deal?

    tell us the situation!! does it seem that it will be released soon? or does it seem, like it could take a long timeperiod?


  4. Dirk Says:

    I hope you don’t remove France 24 English. France 24 français is good for the Walloons, but I think most Flemish people prefer the English version, at least I do.

  5. Massimo Says:

    Hallo Allerseits.Suche dringend den Kanal 7Gold Italia.Er befindet sich bei Eutelsat W2 16 Ost und ist frei empfangbar.Währe es möglich diesen Kanal bei Zattoo?

  6. Olivier1zattoo Says:

    @painy: regarding other Flemish speaking channels, we need to get their authorization we don’t have so far. Be sure that we are working on it in order to offer a better line up!
    …thanks for the compliments on behalf of ZATTOO’s team!

  7. Olivier1zattoo Says:

    @Dirk: regarding France24, we offer the two languages. French ersion did not replace English version finally!

  8. User Says:

    Zattoo kommt noch vor der EM nach Österreich, soviel ist sicher:

  9. Admin Says:

    Wäre voll geil, wenn es bis zur EM funktionieren würde!!!
    Austria = European champion 2008 😉

  10. andy der 3. Says:

    Fragt sich bloß, ob dann auch Sender angeboten werden, die EM-Fußball übertragen. Vielleicht stehen ja auch nur Dauerwerbesender und Tischtennis-TV zur Verfügung…

  11. Admin Says:

    naja ORF muss unbedingt kommen, der überträgt die Spiele!

  12. matze Says:

    In Deutschland, wo es schon seit einigen Monaten Zattoo gibt, werden fast nur unbedeutende Sender angeboten. Weder die öffentlich rechtlichen, noch die großen Privatsender scheinen sich auf eine Fremdverbreitung einlassen zu wollen. Daher sind interessante Ereignisse hier nicht zu sehen. Vielleicht habt Ihr in Au mehr Glück?

  13. marco Says:

    Uffaaaaaaaa !!! Vabbè Zatooniani fate quello che vi pare, io ho sky!

  14. De Gussem Says:

    comment faire pour avoir le programme de RTBF belge

  15. Andrè Lamand Says:

    Je suis au Mexique et moi aussi , j`aimerais avoir le programme RTBF Belge…

  16. vermeulen r Says:

    zou het niet mogelijk zijn om een nederlands uitleg te voorzien voor de installatie van zattoo

  17. Roger Vercruysse Says:

    I hope to read sometjing in Dutch language too…

  18. Roger Vercruysse Says:

    I hope ik hoop om ook het Nederlands te vinden…

  19. morel Says:

    Zo rap mogelijk vlaamse en nederlandse zenders aub

  20. Wim Van de Ven Says:

    inderdaad, Morel, Roger en Vermeulen, ik ben nu een half uur bezig en heb nog geen post kunnen bekijken!

  21. robin Says:

    ik heb nu VT4 en VijfTV als nederlandstalige zenders en ze werken uitstekend! Geen storing en lekker vloeiend! Goed bezig!

  22. jojo Says:

    Idd, zou makkelijk zijn om een nederlandse uitleg te hebben en veel meer belgische en nederlands posten. Al een goed begin in ieder geval.

  23. Derrek Says:


    Heeft iemand dit al eens uitgetest ?
    heb er goede kritiek over gelezen gisteren in ‘metro’



  24. Dirk Says:

    @The Flemish people
    Ik ben ook een Vlaming, voor de duidelijkheid ;). Maybe it is better that we speak English here, because Zattoo is an American/Swiss company, so they don’t understand our Dutch comments. They can’t do anything with our critics, because they don’t understand them.

    But I would be glad if broadcasters such as Eén, Canvas, vtm, 2BE … would be viewable in Zattoo. However, VT4 and VIJFtv are also good tv-stations.

  25. vanessa Says:


    We are living in French but we are flemish and would like to see the belgium channels. The only thing we see on Zattoo are the french channels.

  26. bes Says:

    waar kan ik VT4 VT5 vinden???

  27. bes Says:

    I live in germany and only see boring german channels apart of al jazera and cnn intern.

  28. Helen Says:

    @bes: don’t despair. We’re working on it and there will be more choice for you soon …

  29. bes Says:

    @oliverzattoo, great initiative, but why can we not see all the channels as internet and live stream is not bound to national frontiers.

  30. huuuuuuuuuu Says:

    @helen: Das sagt Ihr schon lange, hoffentlich klappt es bald. Zumindest kommt aber bisher keiner an Euer gutes Konzept ran, macht mit Volldampf (!) weiter!

  31. Olivier1zattoo Says:

    @vanessa: being in France, you can see French channels or international ones with the rights to be visible in France. It is not the case of Belgian channels (French or Flemish speaking ones) which are not visible in France for rights reasons. We are working towards adding more channels anyway…

    @bes: internet has no national frontiers – RIGHT. TV channels have national frontiers for the content rights related to the programs. If we do not respect the territorial rights, the industry would suffer and us with it. We hope more and more channels to broadcsat multi countries to be able to fit the rights with internet openness…

  32. Mistral Says:

    super! but I would like to be able receiving Greeck nets in Flanders, Belgium

  33. jos Says:

    Hoe zit dat hier janetten, komt hier ook prono op?
    En wat is dat met die Waalse Shit hier?
    No Walloons hier plies!

  34. Olivier1zattoo Says:

    @Dirk: hello and thanks for talking to Flemish community. About een, Canvas, VTM…we are working on it actively. Be sure that we do think about Flemish speaking people willing to find their favourite channels on Zattoo. It just takes some time to concretize with channels.

  35. Nopie Says:

    When i connect to Zattoo in Germany, can i tune in on Belgian Channels like TV4? Or can i only get this when i connect to the internet in Belgium?

  36. Helen Says:

    @Nopie: You’ll get a different channel lineup in Germany than in Belgium because for most channels we only receive the rights to retransmit for a single country. So no Belgian channels in Germany for now …

  37. karel Says:

    Ik ben nu op reis in zwitserland. Ik kan geen enkele belgische zender bekijken.Ik heb geen idee hoe het komt da ik deze niet kan vinden.

  38. karel Says:

    I’m on a holiday in switzerland right now. I installen zattoo but I can’t watch any dutch channels. Is it posibble to watch belgian channels in switzerland?

  39. Helen Says:

    @karel: no, because we don’t have the rights to retransmit Belgian channels in Switzerland.

  40. Corleone Says:

    Wat valt er uit te leggen ? Downloaden , installeren en zender kiezen , meer is er ni aan…

    Ik gebruik Zattoo nu al een aantal weken en het is een prachtig initiatief voor mensen die te weinig tv kijken om een kabelabonnement te nemen , nu nog wa meer zenders en tis wauw , het beste sinds tvcatchup(rip).

  41. Helen Says:

    Hallo Leute, weil wir den Blog auf unsere Webseite migrieren, werden wir jetzt die Kommentarfunktion schliessen bis morgen Abend. See you again soon!

    Hi everybody, as we are about to migrate the blog to our own website, we will close the comments until tomorrow evening. See you again soon!

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