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car2.jpgHappiness sometimes lies in little things: the after-work beer, the sexy, red „not another new pair of shoes, honey!“ sling-backs one has passed on the way to work just one time too many, a box of chocolates. For some people happiness is when the boss notices them, for others it lies in getting through the day below the radar screen.

For car fetishists and other lovers of the four-wheeled kind Zattoo brings happiness in the form of a car channel devoted to just – well, cars.  AutoMoto TV goes car à gogo 24 hours a day, with test reports on new cars, specials on luxury and tuning models, and interviews with experts and representatives from the auto industry. AutoMoto TV is viewable in English on Zattoo in Denmark and Norway so far, and in the German version in Germany and Switzerland. It will be rolled out to the other Zattoo-ified countries soon.

Zattoo – TV to the people.

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  1. flix Says:


  2. bill Says:

    Any chance for zattoo in sweden ??

  3. MEAN Rene Says:

    merci d avoir la possibilite de voir des chaines plus ou pas distribuees par le cable merci

  4. Paco Says:

    Bonjour , je voudrais savoir si c’est possible
    d’avois les chaines generalistes espanoles.

    Merci d’avance

  5. Helen Says:

    @ bill: yep, we’re working on it … 🙂

  6. Olivier1zattoo Says:

    @Paco: on aimerait bien, mais il va falloir attendre car les chaînes n’ont pas forcément les droits à l’étranger pour les programmes qu’elles diffusent…

  7. Helen Says:

    Hallo Leute, weil wir den Blog auf unsere Webseite migrieren, werden wir jetzt die Kommentarfunktion schliessen bis morgen Abend. See you again soon!

    Hi everybody, as we are about to migrate the blog to our own website, we will close the comments until tomorrow evening. See you again soon!

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    this is mine…

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