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Belgium: Feeding the News and Car Junkie in You

February 29, 2008


Do you really know what’s going on with your money? Are you sure it’s parked in the right place? And how is the company that you’re working for REALLY doing? Find out by watching Bloomberg TV – now available in French on Zattoo. Get the latest in business and financial news, 24 hours a day.

Or are you looking for a new car to spend that money on that you don’t have? Before you make a decision, tune in to AutoMoto TV. AutoMoto TV brings you test reports 24/7, interviews with experts and representatives of the automobile industry, and specials from the world of luxury cars and tuning. It’s ok to dream of that hot toy on wheels before going off to buy the choice of your wife reason.

Finally, if you need a dose of world news in French every now and then, the French version of France 24 (replacing the English version) is now available for you.

Zattoo – TV forever, wherever.


Get the Tech Preview version!

February 13, 2008


Warning: not for the faint-at-heart!

You like the whiff of danger and enjoy taking a risk? We’re looking for users who are interested in trying out the new version of the Zattoo player before we roll it out to everybody else out there. There’s no real danger, of course, – this version is guaranteed virus-free and all – but it will presumably be more unstable. On the upside, you get to move at the forefront of IPTV, test new features, and help us improve the player with your feedback. Which we would count on to finetune the release and get it ready for everybody else. 

There’s a fall-back version if it’s all too much for you: you will at any time have the possibility to switch back to the current, stable release and will also continue to receive the chance to update to newer versions of both the general and the tech preview player.

To the download (Click on “download”, login, and then click on “Get the Tech Preview version” at the top of the page.)

Vroom vroom 2

February 7, 2008

car2.jpgHappiness sometimes lies in little things: the after-work beer, the sexy, red „not another new pair of shoes, honey!“ sling-backs one has passed on the way to work just one time too many, a box of chocolates. For some people happiness is when the boss notices them, for others it lies in getting through the day below the radar screen.

For car fetishists and other lovers of the four-wheeled kind Zattoo brings happiness in the form of a car channel devoted to just – well, cars.  AutoMoto TV goes car à gogo 24 hours a day, with test reports on new cars, specials on luxury and tuning models, and interviews with experts and representatives from the auto industry. AutoMoto TV is viewable in English on Zattoo in Denmark and Norway so far, and in the German version in Germany and Switzerland. It will be rolled out to the other Zattoo-ified countries soon.

Zattoo – TV to the people.

Vroom vroom

February 4, 2008

car.jpgZum Glück brauchts manchmal nicht viel: Ein Feierabend-Bier, neue Schuhe, eine Schachtel Pralinen. Einige freuen sich, wenn der Chef sie morgens wahrnimmt, andere sind glücklich, wenn sie den Arbeitstag möglichst unbemerkt überstehen.

Um den Liebhabern vierrädriger Schönheiten ein kleines Stückchen Glück zu geben, haben wir einen reinen Auto-TV-Kanal an Land gezogen. Seit heute sendet AutoMoto TV exklusiv auf Zattoo 24-Stunden non-stop Auto à gogo. Vierundzwanzig Stunden im Tag laufen Testberichte zu neuen Autos, Specials zu Luxus- und Tuning-Modellen und Interviews mit Experten und Vertretern der Autoindustrie. Zurzeit ist AutoMoto TV auf deutsch in Deutschland und der Schweiz zu sehen und in englischer Version in Dänemark und Norwegen. Die weiteren Zattoo-isierten Länder werden bald folgen.

Zattoo – TV to the people.