Switzerland: Merry Christmas and a couple of new channels



As a small Christmas present Zattoo is bringing you two new channels.  

Take the Christmas break as an opportunity to brush up your English with „Top Gear“, „Casualty“, and „The One Show“. BBC 1 is now up and running on Zattoo for everbody with a British twist. Apart from the news, the channel shows plenty of British productions and late-night blockbuster movies. In the words of Austin Powers: „Groovy, Baby.“ 

Move over, Rihanna. It’s time for all the great songs from the eighties and nineties. Deluxe Music brings music for grownups – all day long. Start the morning with Frankie Goes to Hollywood, get a mid-of-the-day kick with Abba and Phil Collins, relax in the evening with Diana Krall and St. Germain. Here’s more about the program: www.deluxemusic.de/ (click on „Programm“) 

The Zattoo Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. If you’re off somewhere: enjoy and come home safe and sound. If you’re cocooning at home, have a cozy and relaxing time off from work. 

Thanks for using Zattoo. See you again in 2008!


25 Responses to “Switzerland: Merry Christmas and a couple of new channels”

  1. Grunz Grunz Says:

    Why is there no working version for Vista 64?

  2. Chris Says:

    Beeb One is very nice.
    Don’t forget the Queen’s speech on the 25th @ 4pm

    I think this is a good replacement for BBC Prime.

    Also cool that you show the North West regional variant!

    Have a great holiday – Cheers!

  3. Pieter De Decker Says:

    Aww… why do people from the UK and Switzerland get to watch BBC One and we (I’m from Belgium, by the way) don’t? It can’t be due to rights issues, I can get both BBC One and Two via our analogue cable.

  4. John Says:

    Am feeling really jealous. Will Father Christmas come to Germany, I have been quite a good boy and would like some BBC as well. Please

  5. Tom Says:

    @ Pieter

    Doesn’t look like we here in the UK can watch BBC One or Two via Zattoo, don’t understand why though, as we had them before….

  6. Orazio Says:

    Don’t forget us across the ocean in Canada and USA. Canada first please! Pace!

  7. Helen Says:

    @all: back from vacation and up for answering your questions.

    @Grunz Grunz: Zattoo works with Vista. You just need to get the latest Zattoo update. If you continue to have problems, send an email to our support (https://zattoo.com/contactus, see “Help”)

    @Pieter and John: yep, it actually is due to rights issues. Believe us. If we could get you all the channels you want right now, we would. But we’re doing our best to get you more and more. And, John, stay good, and your dream might come true!

    @Tom: That’s because you were part of a closed beta test. Now that the beta has been opened for all of UK, we’ve had to remove the channels that are heavily regionalised in the UK. See also Steve O’Hear on last100 http://www.last100.com/2008/01/03/christmas-was-kind-to-uk-internet-tv-users-zatoo-and-bbc-iplayer-updates/)

    @Orazio: nope, you’re not forgotten. We plan to make the jump across the ocean this year.

  8. KoCha Says:

    Respect for your great software, I’m actually building a home media center with zattoo cause it’s impossible in the place where I live (in switzerland) to get Bluewin ADSL or french TNT… thanks to your team !!!

  9. Alex Says:

    Hey guys i hope you dont forgett germany becouse its sucks a littelbit becouse swizerland gott all channels and we got nothing more.

  10. Mike Says:

    Great viewing, just would like more of the BBC Channels and Channel Four please!

  11. Andy Says:

    What happened to BBC1 and 2 in the UK? And when will we get ITV and more other channels?

  12. penny mcbrid Says:

    When will spain get the british channels, I am waiting patiently

  13. MImmo Says:

    when could it be possible to watch Swiss and Italian channels in France? And Eurosport also in France?

  14. Alex Says:

    I hope germany gots more channel longs it sucks at this time zatto have only 7 or 8 channels in germany

  15. Austria Says:

    Dear Sirs !
    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren !

    Where is Austria?Wo ist Österreich?
    Rather unfair ignoring Austria for so long.
    Es ist wirklich gemein, Österreich so lange zu ignorieren.

    Greets from Austria
    Grüsse aus Österreich

  16. Gerhard Brumm Says:

    I changed computer and lost your program but I want to use the old password if possible. What can I do ?

  17. Helen Says:

    @Alex: Don’t worry – Germany is always on our mind. The problem is that rights clearance is so much more complicated in Germany than it is in Switzerland. It takes a lot more legwork and explaining and many more meetings to receive the rights to retransmit. But we keep at it!

    @Andy: Because we’re now running an open beta in the UK we can only retransmit programs that have only national, no regional, content. As BBC 1 and 2 are channels with heavily regionalized content, we would have had to blacken out so many programs that it would have diminished users’ viewing experience too much. But we’re working on increasing the UK channel lineup to also include channels with regionalisation.

    @all with foreign channel requests in their countries: first we always want to offer the most popular channels in a country (rounded off by international channels that are easily available). When this is done, we get to work on adding additional channels. So just stay posted and keep using us! The more users, the easier it is to get good content …

    @Austria: you are not forgotten. We’re on your case and hopeful that we can start soon.

    @Gerhard: it’s best if you send an email to our support team. You can find the address on https://zattoo.com/contactus (see “Hilfe/Help”)

  18. grue1(Austria2) Says:

    What do you mean with soon?

  19. Helen Says:

    @grue1(Austria): I can’t get more specific, I’m afraid. A country’s launch date doesn’t just depend on us, and we don’t want to communicate any date until it’s absolute water-tight certain.

  20. nina rosa Says:

    swiss made likes you

  21. Tim Says:

    Is there a plan to get more french channels on he swiss broadcast? We would truly appreciate La chaine parlementaire and Direct 8.
    Keep up the good work! Thanks ++

  22. Moun Says:

    Hello I’m in Germany and I find it really cool to be able to watch DSF or MTV or VIVA. I hope we can get Eurosports, TV5 Monde, BBC 1 and 2 or ITV 🙂 You are doing a very interesting work !

  23. Frank Says:

    Interesting setup you guys have, but was wondering when you will be broadcasting more English channels for people in Spain and some Swiss ones for my girlfriend. Looking forward to developments

  24. Pascal Says:

    Hi, you should change the description of this thread, because Top Gear is on BBC 2, but where is BBC 2 on Zattoo in Switzerland? Otherwise: keep up the good work, the channel line up ist great, recently, a channel was even launched without any announcement (AutomotoTV)

  25. Babs Says:

    This is soooooo unfair! 😦 Not ONE single British channel for us to watch in Germany! BOOOO HOOOOOO

    I’ve been hoping and waiting and chewing me nails and tearing me hair out…. honest, guv!

    Pleeeeease, zattoo, couldn’t we get at least BBC1 or BBC2?

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