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Zattoo is free. Don’t pay for the download!

November 20, 2007


We’ve been alerted by Spanish users that some websites in Spain offer a free download of Zattoo by requesting an sms from the user first*. Zattoo doesn’t support this type of download. If you want to make sure that you receive the current version of the Zattoo Player, virus-free and truly free of charge, download it only from the official Zattoo website: DON’T GIVE SCAMMERS A CHANCE!

*These services usually operate in the following way: in order to download the Zattoo player you need to send an sms to a number. You then receive a password that lets you download the software. These ‘vendors’ make their money by charging a steep price for the sms.

Zattoo – TV for free. Guaranteed.


Algunos de nuestros usuarios españoles nos han avisado de que hay sitios web en España que ofrecen la descarga gratuita de Zattoo a cambio de enviar previamente un sms*. Zattoo no tiene nada que ver con este tipo de descargas. Si quieres la última versión del Zattoo Player, sin virus y totalmente gratuita, bájatela de la web oficial de Zattoo: ¡No te dejes engañar!

*Este tipo de servicios suele operar de la siguiente manera: para poder descargar el Zattoo Player, te piden que envíes un sms a un número de teléfono. Hecho esto, te mandan una clave que te permite instalar el software en tu ordenador. Estos ‘vendedores’ hacen su negocio al cobrar por el sms un precio mucho más alto de lo habitual.

Zattoo – televisión gratis. Garantizado.

Party on, Uwe

November 8, 2007


Zattooees united: it’s time to pop a bottle in celebration of the over 100’000 users in Germany and the fact that we finally made it to the country of Weißbier and Currywurst.

Join us at the ZATTOO LAUNCH PARTY in Berlin on 22 November. Meet Sugih and Beat, the founders. Get a chance to chat up with other members of the Zattoo team and all your co-users out there. Share a beer and more and some hours of fun and relaxation.

Here’s the where and when:

22 November, 2007
starting at 21:30
At Theater Ballhaus Ost
Pappelallee 15, Prenzlauer Berg
10437 Berlin

Important: please send a quick note to or leave a comment by November 13 at the latest if you’re planning to attend. This helps us calculate the bottles of beer to chill …

Also important: please print this blog invite and bring it as an entry ticket to the party.

Zattoo – Long live orange TV!

Tischtennis à gogo / Table tennis à gogo

November 7, 2007

Ab sofort auf Zattoo in Deutschland und Norwegen: der GERMAN OPEN DES TABLE TENNIS. Vom 7. bis 11. November spielen die weltbesten Tischtennis Players in Bremen um viel Cash und einen Platz in Peking. ttlive auf Zattoo schauen, und plötzlich dreht sich alles nur noch um einen kleinen, harten Ball.


Available now on Zattoo in Norway and Germany: the GERMAN OPEN OF TABLE TENNIS. From November 7 to 11 the world’s best table tennis players will give it all to get lots of cash and an entry ticket to Peking. Watch ttlive on Zattoo, and suddenly the whole focus is on one small, hard ball.

Zattoo – Balls for you and me.