… and here’s Ann Arbor celebrating the big moment



As a truly global company we’ve got offices on two continents: a US office in Ann Arbor, near the University of Michigan, headed by Sugih (co-founder, CTO, Chairman, professor of computer science at U of M, fifth from the right), and a Swiss office in Zurich, Switzerland, headed by Beat (co-founder, CEO, President, nothing else).

The techies (see above) are based in Ann Arbor, while the business people (see entry below, clearly distinguishable by their sophisticated clothing) sit in Zurich. Well, okay, the only thing that distinguishes us in Zurich from our better half in Ann Arbor is our higher women to men ratio. (Ann Arbor might point out some additional differences to do with analytical thinking, BUT DON’T LISTEN TO THEM.)

By the way, the above photo was taken at last Friday’s beer-thirty event, in commemoration (nice word, Helen) of our 1-million user milestone.

Zattoo – Bringing you TV for the next generation.


21 Responses to “… and here’s Ann Arbor celebrating the big moment”

  1. informatica gualeguaychu Says:

    muy bueno el sitio

  2. patrick Says:

    AUSTRIA. please 😉

  3. DarkNike Says:

    Bitte kümmert euch noch um neue Sender in Deutschland. Bitte, Bitte! 😀

  4. Uri Says:

    Was ist nun mit den öffentlich rechtlichen Sendern in Deutschland und Zattoo?

    Waren die Meldungen nur eine Ente, oder wann geht es los.

    Bitte eine Antwort!

  5. manuel Says:


  6. Dimitri Says:

    I live in the Buckeye state, but let’s put our differences behind and make Zattoo available in the US!!!

    Are there any plans for this, or will I need to install a Slingbox at my friend’s house in Switzerland to get European TV?!?

    Keep up the good work, Ann Arbor!

  7. Sigurd Geertsen Says:

    I’m norwegian but live in Spain. Bur I can’t get the norwegian channel. Why..because of the IP.?
    Regards Sigurd

  8. Helen Says:

    @Sigurd: that’s right. We have the rights to redistribute channels for specific countries. So in Spain you’ll get the Spanish lineup. And you’re correct: we recognize the country affiliation by the IP address.

    @Dimitri: Yup, we’re talking to content owners in the US. Zattoo is definitely planning to launch in the US.

    And finally @Uri and DarkNike: we’re hard at work to get you a broader channel lineup for Germany. That’s one of our priorities content-wise, and we hope to bring you good news soon!

  9. Danel Says:

    Dans ” télécharger Zatto ” vous montrez beaucoup plus de postes à capter que ceux que j’ai pu enrégistrer ? Quid ? S’agit-il d’une programmation temporaire pour la Belgique ou bien d’autres chaînes pourront-elles être visualisées dans un proche avenir ?
    Bien à vous.
    M. Danel

  10. Helen Says:

    @Danel: it would help me to get the link of the page you’re talking about. Could you post it here? Alternatively, you can send an email with your question to support.be@zattoo.com.

  11. tim Says:

    Das Programmangebot im größten Land Europas ist nach wie vor sehr bescheiden.

    Ob wohl endlich mal “richtige” Senser aufgeschaltet werden?

    Akzeptanz wird derf Dienst erst finden, wenn mindestens die öffentlich-rechtlichen und alle wichtigen Privatsender zu sehen sein werden. Ansonsten bleibt es Larifari…

  12. Paul Says:

    Despite having the latest Mac version of Zattoo it still keeps telling me to upgrade. Can this be Leopard-related?

  13. Paul Meeusen Says:

    Great to see you are in the US. But how can I use Zattoo here. I just moved from Switzerland to New York, took my Mac with Zattoo on it with me, upgraded to the latest Zattoo version … still I get the error message : “You cannot use this version of Zattoo in this country.”

  14. Helen Says:

    @Paul: it’s better for all parties involved to send technical questions to our support hotline (support.ch@zattoo.com). Trust me. Nobody wants me to answer technical questions … 😉

    @Paul Meeusen: unfortunately Zattoo is not yet available in the US. However, we’re working hard on getting a starting channel lineup together. We’ll keep you posted.

  15. zattoo Says:


    i live in the uk. when i be able to download the zatto player. i have signed up for it , i know invited, you can then download it, but it seems ages, i looked at the zattoo website, love the player, so please i can,t wait to download it, thankyou


  16. mike Says:

    i live in uk

    i have signed up for zatto. i can,t wait to download it, i just love the look of the player


  17. Helen Says:

    @mike: in the uk we only have a small test running so far, and we can only accept a limited user number into it. however, we’re hard at work to open up the service to the rest of the uk, so stay with us!

  18. rohrli Says:

    is it possible to fake the ip-address?

  19. Adrian Says:

    Release a Leopard compatible version! Please! I’m in Switzerland and so far cannot connect to Zattoo anymore.

  20. Helen Says:

    @adrian: Zattoo works with Leopard. You need to update to the latest release of the Zattoo player. If you continue to have problems running Zattoo, please send an email to support.ch@zattoo.com.

  21. hadooly Says:

    thanks very much for this program

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