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Yup, we are on the way to conquer the world launch in other countries, but it’s not a box of chocolates. Which means that Portugal (for you, Jorge) and Italy (for Carlo and Hefe) and many other countries in Europe, America and Asia are on our map. However, it takes a lot of legwork (read: flight miles and sizzling phone lines) to collect the necessary rights to transmit the channels. Fact is that as good guys (and chicks), who plan to stay around for a while and not get slapped with a million dollar lawsuit for operating illegally, we diligently acquire the rights in each separate country. Unlike the fast food world, the media world doesn’t operate on a global basis, so if we acquire the rights to carry a French TV channel in Switzerland, say, we don’t automatically get the right to carry it also in France or Germany.

All of this doesn’t make us piss in our pants deter us, of course. Chance actually is that we’re talking to a broadcaster somewhere right now, as you are reading this. So stay tuned for more channels in Z-countries and a launch in countries that haven’t been zattoed yet. And, as always: a big thank-you for your interest and support!


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  1. Chris Says:

    I always thought the EU was about free exchange of goods and services, but well – the media industry gives a shit about it and tries to rip us off wherever it can.

    It is clear – You want to bring as a good service but can’t because some people just don’t want us to see RTP1 here.

    I am not sure how it is on IPTV. But on cable you can carry any channel that comes free-to-air. That’s why Cablecom carries BBC One and Kabel BW doesn’t.

    So lets see, I am looking forward for TeleZüri.

  2. Carlo Says:

    thank you very much for replying, looking forward to get zatooed here in italy as soon as possible then, anyway beware of berlusconi don’t get scammed by him! 🙂

  3. Zattoo Italy & Portland ? Says:

    What exactly does “being on your map” mean? Is it like Germany?

  4. jub Says:

    is there any chance to test zattoo here in austria? I’cant wait anylonger, really, I’m missing all those french and english programs; I don’t want to cope with that boring next-superstar-episodes… any invitations, exceptions, proxy-games?

  5. Reto Says:

    Thanks for the update. What I don’t understand is on why you don’t launch the service in country Z once you have the right to channel X acquired – even if its just one channel…OK Germany with just Live 9 would be pretty much useless but you must have at least a few channel rights acquired by now, correct?

    Enjoying Zattoo in Switzerland and patiently (OK not so) waiting for Germany. Keep up the good work…

  6. DaiSky Says:

    ohh iam very happy that i can test zattoo in germany 😀

    its very nice^^the small selection isnt so good, but its only a beta test and i think it will get more =)

  7. Diego Says:

    When Zattoo in the US?

    Would I be able to see channels from other countries?


  8. Simon Says:

    I heard that zattoo was availabe in Germany. I guess thats what “DaiSky” meant? So… why cant I register?

    I would appreciate an answer a lot. Thanks.

  9. Ziedariana Says:

    An impatient TV fiend from Georgia is anxious to see you reach the US “Netwaves”

    Any timetables you could share ?

  10. Reto Says:

    Simon…it is a “Preview” for a limited number of preregistered users. The goal is to add more preregistered in regular intervals as well as add new channels. Current channel line up is Comedy Channel, DSF, Entertainment Channel, Giga, MTV, Nick, Tier TV, TV Gusto, VIVA, Al Jazerra English, Canal 24 Horas, CNN, France 24 English, Luxe TV, SF info,, The Poker Channel and TVE Internacional. Is working OK.

  11. Jordi Says:

    We are waiting here up in Sweden too! Do you think we will get some thing anytime?

  12. Massimo Says:

    Hallo Leute.Mir würden die 3 Schweizersender 3+,U1 und Star Tv interessieren,wie ATV Österreich.Ist dies möglich?Mit Besten Dank im voraus.

  13. Simon Says:

    Reto… Thanks for the reply.

  14. ::jose:: Says:

    Another one waiting for Sweden!

  15. Ramon Says:

    I would be so amazed to watch “the history channel” also in Switzerland…of course on ZATTOO! 😉

  16. fdw Says:

    3+ würde mich auch sehr interessieren, hat ja immerhin einen Zuschaueranteil von 3,6%. U1 und StarTV kann man getrost senden, deren Einschaltquoten bewegen sich im Bereich der Nachweisgrenze – zu Recht;-) Ansonsten: Danke für Zattoo.

  17. Nicolas Says:

    Well, here is the latest news from the country which invented baguette bread, wine and beret hats… Still no Zattoo in France, but perhaps you guys in Zattooland, by any chance, have a preview of what Zattoo would look like in Hugo’s land? (Victor Hugo’s, not the fragrance/fashion’s Hugo, hope you get this one). Even a limited channel line-up would do, since I/we believe in what we’re told from users out of France, yet my conviction is that once it hits our ground, Zattoo will catch on as quickly (even faster, trust me) as it did in Spain. Anyhow, you have made yourself clear and we will wait for you loyally ’till the day of your sacrament in Paris (may be?)… Enough chatting; my point is : keep up with your great job 😉

  18. Breña Says:

    Hi there !
    Spanish girl here living in Germany. I was in Spain recently and i could enjoy your program and i was so amazed – pity that i came back to Germany and the channels won’t work anymore ! 😦 I hope it works out soon ! Thank you so much Zattoo ! 😀

  19. Breña Says:

    Hellou ! 😀
    Spanish girl here living in Germany. I was in Spain recently and i could enjoy your program and i was so amazed – pity that i came back to Germany and the channels won’t work anymore ! 😦 I hope it works out soon ! Thank you so much Zattoo ! 😀

  20. Masud Says:

    Hey there Zattoo people. Great job until now. Is there any chance you guys can get American channels on zattoo? I live in Switzerland and don’t wanna pay ridiculous amounts to get Fox News, CNN and MSNBC on SkyTV. Are you guys workin on that?

  21. refresh Says:

    -Eagerly waiting for sweeden to get zattoed!- 🙂

  22. Dino Olivieri Says:

    Hi, i’m looking for zattoo in Italy and i’m waiting for it…
    So please do all the possible to make zattoo available in Italy with a huge number of channels…
    We have Berlusconi and Murdoch and we want to see something different…

  23. Jeby Says:

    Spero che Zattoo possa presto essere usato in Italia, è da taaaaaaanto che lo aspetto!!

    I hope Italy will be Zattooed as soon as possible. I’ve been waiting so looooooong!!!

  24. TechMan Says:

    Mich interessieren die deutschen Kanäle wie RTL,RTL2,Kabel1,Sat1,Pro7,Super RTL,VOX

  25. StoneCut Says:

    Thank you for the invitation, the service works great here in Germany. Hope more channels will be added !

  26. DaiSky Says:

    ich hoffe auch,das die vielen interessanten deutschen sender noch dazu kommen^^ ( wie zb. rtl, sat1, pro7, kabel1, vox, rtl2, ard, zdf, wdr)

  27. Stephan Says:

    Hm, didn’t you get the rights for the german comedy channel in Switzerland? Would be great, and of course 3+, I liked tv3 and 3+ looks to me like the only real successor…

  28. marco Says:

    Ich hätte gerne mehr sender

  29. andreas Says:

    und wie kann ich jetzt Fussball aus deutschland / europa sehen ? ich lebe in Australien..

  30. Adam Says:

    Hi, Thanks for a great P2P tv service! AND FOR MAC!!

    Any chance you will be showing English Premiership & Championship football in the near future?

  31. Marco Says:

    Hi, I’m a Swiss guy living in Canada. I was back in Switzerland last year and discovered Zattoo. Unfortunately here in Canada I’m not able to login. When will Zattoo become available in Canada, and will it be possible to see some of the European channels, that would be great :-). Thanks a already for your hard work in expending worldwide.

  32. fathy Says:

    hola todos soy yo fathiiiiiiiii

  33. fathy Says:

    la sexta

  34. fathy Says:


  35. fathy Says:

    hi iam from the desert i hope to see nice people here

  36. LeToulousain Says:

    Gibt es Aussichten, die französischen Kanäle France 2 und France 3 in Deutschland über Zattoo zu bekommen, oder ist das eher unwahrscheinlich?

  37. Antonio Says:

    Well done Zatoo guys…we’re waiting for more channel (in Germany) and an Italian Zatoo as well. Ciao

  38. Luis Says:

    I really wish that Zattoo could collect the rights to transmit to and from Portugal! That would be a really good alternative, better than ours cable tv providers, I dare to say! 🙂

  39. alessandra Says:

    vi prego caro zattoo,arriva presto in Italia,non ce la faccio più ad aspettare!Devo poter vedere i canali spagnoli che trasmettono le partite di basket arriva presto!

  40. Manuel Says:

    Hi, I’m DESPERATE!! I used to watch TV from Zatoo usualli, two days ago i was watching it untill 4 pm and everything was ok.

    But that very evening at 9 pm i turned it on and it says i have no permissions because i am on a zone Zatoo does not service. I live in spain! i was able to use untill that very afternoon!.

    I have reinstalled 3 times, erased temp files etc etc etc and nothing..

    Please HELP!


  41. cem Says:

    i love zattoo and i really hope that you will also add some turkish channels (for switzerland) soon…! keep on the good work…

  42. heinleineken Says:

    looking forward to you broadcasting in italy soon…until then I guess I’ll have to look into IP spoofing so that it looks like I’m accessing from Spain

  43. WiLLiE Says:

    Another vote for sweden.. We’re waiting 🙂

  44. Zee Says:

    Will I be able to watch on my pyramid laptop anytime soon?

  45. alessandra Says:

    spero ke zattoo arrivi per quando inizierà il campionato spagnolo di basket! Vi prego vi prego vi prego fate presto! Stiam aspettando solo voi,qui in Italia

  46. Rik Says:

    Please hurry up with the Italian Red Tape….I think we need this stuff.

  47. Gudrun Liste Says:

    Hi, ich moechte gerne wissen wann und ob ich Zattoo in den US benutzen kann um deutsches Fernsehen zu sehen und was das kosten wuerde.


  48. petrescu Says:

    Zattoo in Italy??? WOW

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