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The Rrright Stuff

August 28, 2007


Yup, we are on the way to conquer the world launch in other countries, but it’s not a box of chocolates. Which means that Portugal (for you, Jorge) and Italy (for Carlo and Hefe) and many other countries in Europe, America and Asia are on our map. However, it takes a lot of legwork (read: flight miles and sizzling phone lines) to collect the necessary rights to transmit the channels. Fact is that as good guys (and chicks), who plan to stay around for a while and not get slapped with a million dollar lawsuit for operating illegally, we diligently acquire the rights in each separate country. Unlike the fast food world, the media world doesn’t operate on a global basis, so if we acquire the rights to carry a French TV channel in Switzerland, say, we don’t automatically get the right to carry it also in France or Germany.

All of this doesn’t make us piss in our pants deter us, of course. Chance actually is that we’re talking to a broadcaster somewhere right now, as you are reading this. So stay tuned for more channels in Z-countries and a launch in countries that haven’t been zattoed yet. And, as always: a big thank-you for your interest and support!


Menos fiesta, más servicio …

August 24, 2007

Estamos tomando vuestros comentarios muy en serio y como han podido comprobar, durante los últimos días hemos lanzado una nueva versión del reproductor. Hemos ampliado, además, nuestra infraestructura, con el fin de poder dar respuesta al número creciente de usuarios de nuestro servicio, así como para preparar el sistema para la inclusión de nuevos canales. Nuestro equipo está trabajando duramente para eliminar posibles “bugs” en la nueva versión, convencidos de poder mejorar aún más la calidad de las imágenes. Mientras tanto, les agradecemos sus comentarios y su paciencia. Stay tuned!