Take the bull by the antennae.


Zattoo Bull Head

Sunday has been a big day for half of Spain, with Real Madrid winning its 13th Liga title. The other half, of course, was mourning. We thought it’d be nice to ease the sorrow of the sad ones, and make it an even better day for the ones getting drunk celebrating. So, we took the bull by the horns antennae and launched Zattoo in Spain.

As in every zattooed country, we’re bringing our new Spanish friends a great selection of top local TV channels -from La Primera to La Sexta- as well as well-known international ones. Thanks to Zattoo you can now watch Nadal beating Federer, PSOE beating PP (or was that the other way around?), and Dr. House beating himself wherever you are, as long as you can find a broadband internet connection. All of this directly to your PC, with a quality you could only dream of until now.

We hope Zattoo will spread in Spain like the omnipresent bull. Given the thousands of subscribers of the first 24 hours, we are pretty… bullish about it.

Zattoo – Yabba Dabba Doo!


108 Responses to “Take the bull by the antennae.”

  1. JC Says:

    When will there be more available channels?
    Only will we see these 12 initial channels?

  2. Blues Says:

    Congrats on all involved!

    Apart from more new channels in future, when could we access to the rest of the already avalaible channels?

    Will be editable the channel list? Here in Spain we receive a channel from Poland, quite nice and interesting… but i’d rather see BBC, RAI or ARTE! (just a language question.)

    Keep the hard work! Thanks a lot!!

  3. el_nota Says:

    Awesome programe, I am going to reccomend it to every friend of mine.

    P.D. Im spanish
    P.D.2 PP beat PSOE 😛

  4. nevali Says:

    Congratulations to all involved, another country conquered! 🙂

    I’ve been meaning to ask:—

    Given that Zattoo’s value is inherently server-side (actually providing the content streams and supporting infrastructure), have you guys considered open-sourcing the client?

    There are a whole bunch of things that I’d love to see happen with Zattoo’s on the client-side which I’m sure a few people would be interested in (integration with XML feeds for channel guide data, integration with projects like Democracy for a combined live/on-demand all-in-one TV solution, the ability to overlay SVG for interactive features, etc.), but probably wouldn’t gain enough traction for them to be worked on officially. It strikes me that open sourcing the client (especially as it’s built on open source components anyway) could well be the best of both worlds.

  5. yasha Says:

    The month is nearly over,and still no news of the german release :(((?? And guys PLEASE air orf1+2 and sf1+2 also in germany..and rtl,pro7 and so on!!!

  6. Blues Says:

    Real Madrid won its 30th title not 13th…

    PD: I’m a Barça fan…

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    […] [fonte] The Zattoo in Spagna by Luca Palli, unless otherwise expressly stated, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. […]

  8. lpalli Says:

    I can’t test Zattoo in Spain, but I like to know the list of channels available in Spain.

    Tanks Luca

  9. mikelrecondo Says:

    I’ve just discovered Zattoo and I really like it, congratulations!

    Let me suggest you something: wouldn’t it be great being able to watch the TV channels from your homeland in whichever country you are at the moment? This can be useful for travelers.

    If I’m not mistaken, Zattoo delivers a selection of channels based on where the user is located, not in where the user is from.

    Keep up the good work.

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  11. Nicolas Says:

    And again the same request (call it complaint if you like) from the people of France who are starting to believe that it’ll never show up in baguette, camembert and béret flavors. Have you even considered launching France’s initial free-to-air DVB-T package known as ‘tnt’? It’d be even better to tell content providers/channel owners that it would be an efficient manner to comply with the recent law passed under the name of “télévision du futur” which requires these channels be aired through every possible media, not excluding the internet? It’s only 20 channels or so, 5 of which you already air to Swiss Zattoo viewers (France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5 and arte), 5 which already have offered internet streams of their channels when launched 2 years ago (NT1, La Chaine Parlementaire, ITélé, BFMTV and Direct8), which is only 9 deals to get with TF1, M6, (I thought that these two were already part of the Swiss line-up but they’ve disappeared from your “what’s showing” page) W9, TMC, NRJ12, Europe2TV, Gulli plus France24 and France ô (to achieve france’s television package). Would it be that difficult? What’s more, France 2 and France 3 for instance regularly air live events on the internet, and TF1 recently decided to air some of its DAILY content live on the net (for about 4 hours each day). Moreover, if competition is your worry, which I think is not since French broadcasting law may seem more of a problem, bear in mind that this package is already offered by most IPTV providers so why wouldn’t YOU provide it in a better quality directly streamed to the user’s computer? Oh, I’ve just forgotten one big thing : copyrighted content online piracy of tv shows is quite important in France, but isn’t your content already encrypted so that it cannot be copied on any medium? Wel, this was a long post you may say, but it’s just I think what most French people would say if they knew more about Zattoo. A bon entendeur, salut.

  12. Manuel Says:

    Nice your linux player!
    I love you guys, you count on Spain.

    I’d love it even more if I could see more channels.

    Nice work!

  13. zatoo Says:

    If u want to make Zattoo bigger u have to bet for the spanish market.
    Spanish people love the free stuff. Try to search a movie in Emule and you will se that the 3 1st places are in spanish.
    Moreover u know that also people from southamerica or just people that want to learn spanish would love to have more channels in spain

  14. [DoodoM] Says:

    Zatto is awesome and works perfectly on Linux, but some people on spain would like more channels. I suggest you to add some digital terrestrial television (tdt) channels to the list because the analogic tv shutdown will be in just two or three years in this country (and I think in other countries also), and adding some public tdt channels would improve the application popularity and it would give to it a chance towards the future.

    You can see a list of the tdt channels on this page:

  15. Husky Says:

    Thanks for launching Zattoo in Spain, I’d wish to get more channels, especially music channels like Viva. Congratulations for your success.

  16. Carlos Says:

    Not just because we may like free things, but also because Spanish is the third most spoken language on earth.

    You provide a really cool service, but it would be much better if you guys did what they are suggesting from posts above mine. Offer viablity to watch channels from your home country, while being outside it

    2 aside notes

    Real Madrid has won 30 leages, not 13 ; )
    Actually, is the PP who is is beatting PSOE ^^

  17. Ed Says:

    Guys, im spanish and live in london, and your ridiculous geolocation stops me watching what i want, all i can get is BBC (which i already have on my TV). Please open the channels, after all broadcasters get paid with the adverts we all watch.

  18. PhOeNIX Says:

    why not italy??? please… I only hant to know WHY not Italy

  19. TL Says:

    Why not add some Autonomic channels (Canales Autonomicos) now we can watch in it’s websites the tv from Basque Country, Asturias, Galicia, Catalonia, Valencia, Andalucia, Extremadura, Aragón, Madrid, Castilla y León. if zatto add then it could be great for many spanish taht work out of his autoniomic comunity.

    and many local chanels, from barcelona, Toledo, Zaragoza, Canarias….

  20. garret Says:

    when is it going to be avaible in italy ?

  21. javi Says:


    Real Madrid winning its 30th title of LFP, not 13th ^^

    and, this program is wonderfull!

  22. Oscar H. Says:

    I’m another new Zatto user from Spain and I just want to say that your software is amazing, I’m loving it 😉

    Hope to see more features on the coming versions, like the possibility to select a channel without having to use the mouse (ie. with the keyboard or a remote controller). And of course, more channels will be always welcome 🙂

  23. FRan Says:

    Please, Linux 64 version!!

    It should be very easy for you, just a recompile.

  24. lightboy Says:

    Good job guys!

    However, it would be pretty nice to see the channels I can’t see on my TV station (not a complain anyway)

  25. PhOeNIX Says:

    Io nn lo sò…vedono i nostri 7 canali principali e a noi italiani ci snobbano completamente…ma che schifo è???

  26. clitchatting Says:

    All good men are either taken, gay or… hooked to soccer (on tv). sob!

  27. Spanishn1 Says:

    To the Spaniards we like that they added to Zattoo mtv and vivachannel so that music is international and it does not concern the country. Greetings

  28. Posicionamiento Web Alicante Says:

    Thanks for this great project. Best regards from Alicante, the calofornian Europe version 😉

  29. bruno Says:

    Yes, interesting but:
    I’m French, my girlfriend is German and we live in Spain.
    What can we see thanks to Zattoo? The same poor spanish channels we can allready watch on normal TV!
    I think it’s not that interesting.
    When European people will be able to see every european channels?
    French, German, UK, Italy, etc…
    I thought Zattoo would be the answer, but it is not. Too bad!
    For now, Zattoo doesn’t have any utility.

  30. 13th leage?? it's 30th!!!!!!!! Says:

    The team with more leagues in Europe.

    Apart from that.. Thanks for bringing this free!

  31. skarox Says:

    Frankly speaking, nearly everybody who uses the internet has, too, access to a tv. So what does zattoo really offer them apart from a possibily lower video quality tv experience ? Not much really, maybe a recording function for those who want to save movies on their pcs.
    But apart from those, zattoo offers what tv does, just in a lower quality – that is exactly why you should extend the receivable channels so that basicly every European, everywhere in the world, can watch their channel of choice, be it ORF in Spain or Canal24 in Germany.
    Now i do not know whether this requires new negotiations with the channel owners, but what I know is, that whether you watch the channel in Brasil or in Spain, in Germany or in Switzerland, you are always presented advertisments, which is – as far as i know – at least partly given to the channels inself, so i do not see a problem there either.


  32. abdul Says:

    i think it´s time to start launching in germany.

  33. nena19 Says:

    when will be available more channels in spain? i would like to see european channels as rai, viva…

  34. TJ Says:

    As a German living in Spain I was really looking forward to the German channels.

    What I actually get is the same as on any of my 3 TV sets (or less, because I have some 12 channels there) plus… low and behold… POLISH TV! Wow. Couldn’t live without it.

    You need to make all channels available everywhere, period. This is THE INTERNET, not “the joined network of countries”.

  35. ANTHONY Says:


  36. sakura1083 Says:

    I just discovered this software and it’s really great! but again, as many people have pointed out here (and many more will, that’s for sure), I wish I could see more international channels instead of just the same local spanish channels I have already on my TV.

  37. Nakamura Says:

    para cuando los canales autonómicos¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?


  38. CH Internet Szene Says:

    Einhundert Alinghi-Fans (oder 10000?) und der schnellste Carrier

    von Fredy Knzler

    Als Mitarbeiter eines virtuellen Cable-TV Providers bin ich natrlich informiert ber den derzeitigen Sport-Event #1 – den Americas Cup, und gelegentlich schaue ich ja sogar selber rein. Allerdings war ich bis letzten Donnerstag in Sa

  39. oscar Ramirez Says:

    Me gustaría accesar a la television gratis que ustedes brindan. gracias y saludes

  40. Jordi Says:

    Hi there,
    I am spanish and living in Nederland…Is It possible to download the program and then be able to watch spanish tv from Holland? Please, could you inform me about that?

    Thanks a lot

  41. kaskukaseva Says:

    Hi Zattoo team,

    First of all thanks for the great program! However it’s a pity that we can’t watch the channels outside the country that they’re originally broadcasted. For instance, I’d love to watch the spanish TV in Singapore but I can’t… it would be so great if we could watch al the channels from anywhere in the world! It actually makes no sense to make available only the channels from the country you are connected from! Internet is free, let’s make the information available worldwide!

  42. Nacho Says:

    Real Madrid has won 30 championship titles (both in football & bball), not 13…

    🙂 “el nota”… PSOE beat PP, not the other way around.

  43. Fabfisch Says:

    Hi Zatto Team

    i’m from germany and till now nohting happened with zattoo here. you said it will launch in June but its nearly July. so its time to launch. and if you want us to wait, then tell us a date.

  44. vOId Says:

    Fabfisch is sooooo right!!
    Jetzt seid net so assi und sagt uns wanns soweit ist!

  45. Julio Says:

    Really great, great programm!!

    Thanks and Congratulations!!!

    The european residents in Spain would be really interested to have some more european channels (RTL, ZDF and so on). A great market. I know many of them.

    Anyway….thanks a lot.

    PS: I’m recommending Zattoo to all my friends.

  46. Mike Says:

    Zattoo is Great!! BUT, I like many others live in spain but would like to watch channels from my native uk and other countries, I am sure that ip recognition means we only get the programs for that countries ip. I bet there are computer wizkids out there right now working on some sort of patch to get around this restriction and it could be that all channels would be possible, so Zatto should give an option to view channels from all countries to all viewers, I would watch Zattoo a lot if this was the case, at the moment I dont need the channels offered by Zattoo here in spain I already have them on my tv so why watch Zattoo?.

  47. MrBlonde Says:

    This is an incredibly great piece of software! It should be a model to all the rest; it is simple, stable, and what’s more: multi-platform! Really, it is surprising to find a program that has a version for GNU/Linux. Thank you all!

    By the way, I know there is legal stuff involved, but… it is absolutely impossible that one can watch spanish TV from other countries. It’s not me actually, it’s my sister, who has been to Finland for almost six months and feels really homesick.

    Anyway, congrats! And thanks for the spanish-themed post!

  48. letmesaysomething Says:

    Hi Zattoo,

    I think you’re missing the point here… what is the interest of someone living in Spain to watch the same spanish TV channels that can be received on any normal TV set? Wouldn’t it be much more reasonable to make the TV channels available worldwide so that anyone could watch any TV station regardless of their location? This is internet guys! the network of networks! there are no borders in the internet, don’t create them artificially!

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  51. vOId Says:

    Statement von Zattoo bzgl. des Launches in D-Land:

    Vielen Dank für Ihre Email.

    Wir planen, Zattoo noch im Juni, spätestens im Juli auch in Deutschland zu launchen.
    Leider hat uns die TV-Rechteklärung einen terminlichen Strich durch die Rechnung gemacht …
    Also: Bleiben Sie dran!

    Freundliche Grüsse,
    Ihr Zattoo-Team

  52. skarox Says:

    danke vOId ;>

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  54. Víctor Says:


  55. francisco paradela Says:

    era hora de que hubiese alguien con esta propuesta gracias a todos

  56. francisco paradela Says:

    en eeuu ya lleva funcionando un año la calidad es bastante buena solo hay que registrarse y podras ver los canales españoles y privados

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  58. Juan Carlos Says:

    ¡Hola amigos! I like the idea behind Zattoo. I believe the reason why it is not possible to watch tv-stations from outside Spain is due to the fact that this is a Beta version ??? I agree with those people asking to open up the broadcast so that we can watch any channel from other countries. It wouldn’t make so much sense to be connected to such an open medium as the Internet is, and at the same time not being able to watch our neighbours’ tv-stations.


  59. David Says:

    Congratulations for the iniciative. However, I’m a little bit upset to see Zattoo using an image that doesn’t reflect ALL the realities in Spain.

    Fist of all, the bull fight (or bulls) only represents on of the different cultures that coexists in Spain. And secondly, it ofends a lot of people for it’s cruel nature.

    I suggest you to replace this image with something more friendly to All.. perhaps a Sun? or an Olive tree…

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  61. Andrés Says:

    It works nice! but please Zattoo… allow us to see MTV…, for see the channels that you offer us we only have to turn on the tv… if you want to be successful in Spain you must offer us new channels that we can’t see with analogic air TV… maybe if you add some of the digital air channels….

    Thank you!

  62. Axlo Says:

    Your Zattoo client for MacOSX works perfectly.


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  64. ernesto Says:

    Está genial la idea y la verdad es que funciona muy bien, pero al menos en España la lista de canales es muy cortita ¿para cuando mas?

  65. rulo Says:

    why i cant see the spanish channels in switzerland??will it be availeable at nay time?thank you

  66. Escultapia Says:

    Desearia poder descargar el programa para prueba de la television

  67. josep cat Says:

    great programm guy! but just a question : why doesn´t work correctly here in Spain?

  68. Pm Says:

    I´d like to know it it will be possible to watch spanish tv channels from holland, because I am actually living here. Any solution?

    Regards, I will be waiting for your answer

  69. CavBleu Says:

    When the USA gonna be zattooed?
    Can’t wait

  70. Flowryan Says:

    Can’t wait to use zattoo in austria, i hope that you guys will release it soon and also include all german channels and some other european ones. Keep up the good work!

  71. Westbear Says:

    Hello Zattoo Team,
    I can’t wait, to use zattoo in austria. This application is the best, really.
    Can you say me, when zattoo coming out in austria? This month?


  72. Massimo Says:

    hallo Leute.Ich wohne in der Schweiz.Kann das sein,dass ich keine spanische Sender bekomme?Egal.Mir würde ATv Österreich und vor allem Star Tv und 3+ von der schweiz freuen.Ihr seid die Grössten.Mfg Massimo.

  73. jotaeme Says:

    so, there is any way that we can see other countries’ channels?

    that would be more than interesting… superior!

  74. jotaeme Says:

    by the way, it runs perfectly both in my mac and the pc at work (hehehe)

    Just a sugestion for the next version… would it be possible to add tv controls as “contrast, saturation, bright…” ? it would be nice to have that without changing the monitor settings

  75. stephanedewarrat Says:

    I was in Switzerland to see the Alinghi’s victory. But it was a hard time for my Zattoo app, I think that many other users were on the same channel (TSR2) yesterday.

  76. Rudi Says:

    Tag allerseits….

    Ich bin seit letzer Woche neuer User von Zattoo. Prima Sache! Hab nur ein kleines Problem, oder auch nur eine Bitte an Zattoo…. wird es in kommender Zukunft möglich sein, in Spanien (Madrid) die deutschen und vor allem die schweizerischen Sender empfangen zu können??? Im Moment kriege ich nur den SFInfo und die DW.

    Besten Dank für ein kleines Feedback!

    Gratulationen für Eure Arbeit.


  77. Rudi Says:

    über 70 posts und noch kein Komentar von Zattoo????
    más de 70 posts y todavía ningun comentario de Zattoo????

  78. myssys_igi Says:

    come faccio a registrarmi?

  79. Koos Says:


    I see many people have already pointed out that Real Madrid has won 30 titles and not 13 (wishfull thinking from Barcelona fans), but its THIRTY (30).

    Where can I download whatever it is that must be downloaded to see the TV channels, cause where I’m told to click to download, nothing happens.

    Well, shit happens.

  80. villalji Says:

    Many people have said it before, the really interesting use of this kind of software would be to choose the channels you want to see from a grid… I’m Spanish, my wife is Polish and we live in Germany, as you can see in the comments, this is not uncommon any more, Europeans are travelling and re-locating so there is a real opportunity to bring everyone their own TV no matter where they live!
    For example, I can get Digital + in Germany, no problem, many channels in Spanish, but I can’t access La Sexta or Antena 3…. again, one day somebody will see this as a business opportunity, hopefully.

  81. Uno muy hartito de La Sexta Says:

    I’m Spanish. I hate bullfights. I have signed against them. But the guy who says such thing about the logo and the bull is a paranoid. The bull is a very Spanish animal and symbol, and not necessarily means anything like cruelty or supporting bullfights.

    The bull is very OK. Actually, it’s great. But I don’t know if the owner of that logo (Osborne) will be very happy to let you use it freely.

  82. lorenzo Says:

    voglio zattoo…!!!!! è interessante comodo ecc….

  83. Adrian Says:

    When will you include more channels? We are very interested in English channels and english-speaker channels.
    Thank you.

  84. Jose Antonio Espinosa Bolaños Says:

    deseo ser usuario de dicha web. saludos

  85. MANUEL Says:

    deseo ser usuario de dicha web

  86. MANUEL Says:

    Deseo ser usuario de su web.

  87. sebastian Says:

    no se como registrarme,me ayuda alguien

  88. gaditano Says:

    hola soi jose de cadiz espero ke lo reponsables d esta pagina lean esta propues ke voi a ponerles. bueno en 1 lugar esta bastante bien el programita se ve bien y se escucha bien pero le falta algo mas le falta mas canales ke aver si podeis intentar poner aki hos dejo una lista a ver si podeis hacer algo mas vale???
    – 3- ANTENA 3 NEOX
    – 4- ANTENA 3 NOVA
    – 5- MTV
    – 6- EUROSPORT
    – 8- LOCALIA TV
    estos son lo canales a ver si podeis ahcer algo mas por ke si se puede coger TELEDEPORTE el canal de la television españolas estos canales ke he puesto tambien se puede poner,y ahora hos voi a proponer una propuesta a ver si hos gusta espero ke si por ke seria genial tambien
    yo keria decir por podiais nose poner tambien por ejemplo las tekilla de futbol y de peliculas como en las plataformas hacer nose ke nosotros mandaramos un mensaje por el movil y ke mandarais un codigo y ese codigo pues ponerlo para ver el futbol de la liga española o las takilla de piculas seria genial asin nos aorramos cables por medio y parabolicas en las ventanas ke ya no se pueden poner hay ke ponerla en la azotea seria genial y estaria mejor y mejoraria el programita de ZATTOO y triufaria mas asi ke a ver si hos gusta la propuesta y pensarlo ok un saludo de jose de CADIZ.GRACIAS

  89. keke Says:

    hola enhorabuena por la idea

  90. Ricardo Edison Says:

    Es muy buena la propuesta de zatoo.com, espero ver canales deportivos de toda España, seria muy bueno no?

  91. Ricardo Edison Says:

    No tengo mas comentario, espero que en un futuro cercano pueda felicitarlos por una excelente propuesta chauuuuuuu

  92. PFW Says:

    It’s a nice prog, buffering times are short and the streaming quality is good. Thanks to the Zattoo team for all their efforts.
    I’d watch a lot more if (yes, another “if” I’m afraid) the number of channels offered were not so restricted. My guess is that it’s a question of licensing, but you can pick up all these channels via the Eurobird and Astra2 satellites (free-to-air).
    I look forward to the day when all channels will be available to all people! Please make it so!

  93. Celestino alvarez Says:

    deseo ver canales de televisión a través de mi ordenador. me parece una idea genial y de lo más interesante

  94. Antonio Marfil Says:

    buena página

  95. Antonio Marfil Says:

    estupendo para ver los canales

  96. hans pfeifer Says:

    ich will

  97. Halil Says:

    How can I watch SF zwei

    I thought it was in zattoo but I can not find it on my list

  98. Pepiño Says:

    Like a lot of my fellow zattooists I wanna have access to other countries’ channels too! All European TV in one place, now THAT would be something!!!! You guys can even get subsidies for bringing people and cultures together I am sure. LET’S ZATTOO THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!

  99. Monica C Burns Says:

    Hola a todos!!!…..Soy una espanola residente en Alemania. Es la primera vez que me conecto a Zattoo y me encanta.:-)….Sabeis alguno si hay alguna manera de poder ver TVE1 y TVE2 desde Alemania por medio de Zattoo? los unicos canales espanoles que he podido acceder son TVE internacional y el canal 24 y esos ya los puedo ver con la parabolica…….gracias anticipadas!!!

  100. posicionamiento web alicante Says:

    Me he quedado un par de días sin televisión y Zattoo me ha librado de pasar las noches aburrido. Ojalá salgan más programitas como este.

  101. » Zattoo en Espagne - Video Monte Ceneri Says:

    […] [source] […]

  102. vuelos baratos Says:

    Zatto is pretty cool, now all that’s needed is some decent programmes.

  103. george dykes Says:

    i live in spain, and i am an ex pat, zattoo is ok, but i only wish that i could get the uk channels, maybe in the future, who knows.

  104. mendjaya Says:

    Really great, great programm!!

    Thanks and Congratulations!!!

    The european residents in Spain would be really interested to have some more european channels (RTL, ZDF and so on). A great market. I know many of them.

    Anyway….thanks a lot.

    PS: I’m recommending Zattoo to all my friends.

  105. mendjaya Says:

    I´d like to know it it will be possible to watch spanish tv channels from holland, because I am actually living here. Any solution?

    Regards, I will be waiting for your answer

  106. mendjaya Says:

    Really great, great programm!!

    Thanks and Congratulations!!!

    The european residents in Spain would be really interested to have some more european channels (RTL, ZDF and so on). A great market. I know many of them.

    Anyway….thanks a lot.

    PS: I’m recommending Zattoo to all my friends

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