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Localize it.

June 27, 2007

Start Trek’s Universal Translator

We ran all the text strings that make up our software through Start Trek’s Universal Translator (pictured above), but the results sucked were disappointing to say the least. That’s why we’re now looking for help from our users to localize the Zattoo player in all of the following languages: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese, and Kazakh.

If you:

  • can translate geek IT-related terms from English into one of the languages above with your eyes shut,
  • have done that already for other software applications, and
  • won’t ask for anything else in return than our endless gratitude and your name in the “Credits” section,

then our inbox is eagerly waiting for a message from you.

UPDATE: Ok, ok, you got me… I only put Kazakh up there to bedazzle our competitors 😉

Take the bull by the antennae.

June 19, 2007

Zattoo Bull Head

Sunday has been a big day for half of Spain, with Real Madrid winning its 13th Liga title. The other half, of course, was mourning. We thought it’d be nice to ease the sorrow of the sad ones, and make it an even better day for the ones getting drunk celebrating. So, we took the bull by the horns antennae and launched Zattoo in Spain.

As in every zattooed country, we’re bringing our new Spanish friends a great selection of top local TV channels -from La Primera to La Sexta- as well as well-known international ones. Thanks to Zattoo you can now watch Nadal beating Federer, PSOE beating PP (or was that the other way around?), and Dr. House beating himself wherever you are, as long as you can find a broadband internet connection. All of this directly to your PC, with a quality you could only dream of until now.

We hope Zattoo will spread in Spain like the omnipresent bull. Given the thousands of subscribers of the first 24 hours, we are pretty… bullish about it.

Zattoo – Yabba Dabba Doo!

Happy Birthday, Zattoo.

June 6, 2007

365 days ago we opened the gates and released Zattoo to the wild. On day one we had 5 downloads. Today, 1 out of 5 broadband Internet users in Switzerland is a Zattoo subscriber. We also grew from 4 to 67 channels, available across different lineups in Switzerland, Denmark and the UK.

We try hard to bring all channels to all countries: if we don’t offer a specific channel in a country, it’s not because we don’t want to – it’s because we can’t (yet). That is also why Zattoo is not available worldwide (yet): we want to show you the top TV channels in every country, not grass-chewing bears

We’re honestly grateful to every single one of you who endured with us various updates, critical bugs and some outages – and hope you’ll stick with us for the ones to come 😉

While we can’t announce now what the next 365 days will bring, we sure can tell you that to celebrate our 1-year birthday we’ll be launching soon in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Poland and Spain. We’ve still a long way to go to world dominance, but the journey to get there promises to be lot of fun.

Set sail with Zattoo

June 5, 2007


Thought you’d miss the America’s Cup? Think again… Thanks to Zattoo you can keep up to date with what’s going on Luna Rossa, Team New Zealand and Alinghi while in the office pretending to work working or following that boring class. Some of the channels in the Swiss lineup do in fact provide live coverage of both the final phases of the Louis Vuitton Cup and the America’s Cup. Those are SF2, TSI2, TSR2 and the newly added La 7.

Here’s the schedule of the upcoming regattas:

June 6, 15:00 CET: Louis Vuitton Cup Final – Race 5
June 8, 15:00 CET: Louis Vuitton Cup Final – Race 6 (if needed)
June 9, 15:00 CET: Louis Vuitton Cup Final – Race 7 (if needed)
June 10, 15:00 CET: Louis Vuitton Cup Final – Race 8 (if needed)
June 11, 15:00 CET: Louis Vuitton Cup Final – Race 9 (if needed)

June 23, 15:00 CET: America’s Cup – Race 1
June 24, 15:00 CET: America’s Cup – Race 2
June 26, 15:00 CET: America’s Cup – Race 3
June 27, 15:00 CET: America’s Cup – Race 4
June 29, 15:00 CET: America’s Cup – Race 5
June 30, 15:00 CET: America’s Cup – Race 6 (if needed)
July 1, 15:00 CET: America’s Cup – Race 7 (if needed)
July 3, 15:00 CET: America’s Cup – Race 8 (if needed)
July 4, 15:00 CET: America’s Cup – Race 9 (if needed)

For detailed schedule information, check out your preferred EPG, captain.