For the chef, the investor, and the kid in you


Nine new channels

Oops – we did it again: we made Zattoo even better. Only a couple of days after releasing a Linux version, we are adding more channels to an already impressive list. The latest release brings no less than 9 new channels in the Swiss lineup to satisfy all your TV appetites:

With Al Jazeera International and France 24 you get 24-hour breaking news from around the world. CNBC Europe helps you make better investment decisions for those sweated savings. With the capital gain and the help of TV Gusto you may be finally able to cook something more elaborate than frozen pizza and Betty Bossi’s ready-made lasagne. DMAX, “TV for men”, gets you the content to go with that pizza. And WDR is for our German friends who Cablecom so badly disappointed when they removed the channel from the analog lineup.

Finally, we’ve swapped BBC Prime with ITV1, and added a layer of topping with MTV for music lovers and Super RTL for the kids and those who still feel like one.

With a total of 48 channels, spanning 5 languages and all genres, we may deserve a little rest. After all, even God did rest on the seventh day from all the work he had untertaken. But we’re workaholics indefatigable, and we’ll keep adding channels, countries, and features. So stay with us.

Good night, and good luck.


67 Responses to “For the chef, the investor, and the kid in you”

  1. wysel Says:

    wow, that’s great, thank you! although i think that itv 1 is no real match for bbc prime or even bbc 1 or 2 this update of the channel line-up is absolutely great, al jazeera and france 24, mtv, dmax and cnbc are just the channels i was looking for. thanks zattoo, the future prospects seem great, i’m already dreaming of 200 chanels in my zattoo window 🙂


  2. Alex Karpowitsch Says:

    Sweet :]

  3. Video Monte Ceneri » Zattoo - 9 nouvelle chaînes Says:

    […] [source] The Zattoo – 9 nouvelle chaînes by Luca Palli, unless otherwise expressly stated, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. […]

  4. André Huber Says:

    Nice to have now DMAX. Zattoo is going to become better and better. The only programm I miss is BBCPrime. Where is it gone? Hope it will come back again.

  5. Mountainman Says:

    Super, vor allem DMAX und ITV1, jetzt fehlt mir nur noch Terra Nova, welcher ja schon mal in der Vorschau war. Weiter so!!

  6. Franziska Says:

    Wo bleibt BBC Prime? Bitte bringt diesen Sender zurück!

    Please bring back BBC Prime! I miss it.

  7. Bea Says:

    Man schaut zwar einem geschenkten Gaul nicht ins Maul, trotzdem, BBC Prime zu verlieren ist schlimmer als weniger Sender zu haben. Vielleicht könnte man den ja wieder hinzufügen.

    Trotzdem ein Dankeschön an das Team. Dank Zattoo braucht es fast keine Cablecom.

  8. Arnaud Says:

    Yeah thanks for new channels ! But please if u can, re-give us BBC Prime.

  9. Danny Says:

    First of all, thanks for the effort and for pushing the project further and further.

    Personally, Zattoo has become part of my daily life. Due to the work load and my working hours Zattoo is giving me the possibility to watch or at least to have a look at the broadcasts I’m interested in – while I’m still in the office. At home, the regular TV has become more or less obsolete.

    I do as well appreciate the fact of having the possibility to choose between some certain french and english channel. Ah yeah, before I forget, it would be great to have BBC Prime back – I mean, if it’s possible.

    To all of you lucky ones out there being a part of the “Zattoo Community”:

    Stop complaining (if you’re one of them) and bring in useful reviews and criticism. Don’t forget, this is still a project and the services and benefits out of it are for free …. for each and every “Community Member”.

    If you want high quality, the ultimate thing “by tomorrow” then you have to pay for it!

    Berne, May 2007

  10. Rainer Foeppl Says:

    Hello, any plans for thai language stations? Would be a great difference to the other TV providers

  11. Godo Says:

    Great product! Any chance we can get US Foodnetwork station on Zattoo? I love watching it when I’m in US and there is nothing comparable in Europe, despite the fact that the food in Europe is much better, of course 😉

  12. Fai Says:

    Hello, Earth to Zattoo – where did BBC Prime go to? They were the only reason I downloaded Zattoo, I mean who can live without “Cash in the Attic”, “Bargain Hunt”, and “Changing Rooms” 🙂

    Give me back my BBC Prime – PLEASE!

  13. LC Says:

    I agree with everyone else. Please bring back BBC Prime.

    And thanks for adding MTV.

  14. Albert Heim Says:

    Danke für die vielen Sender.

  15. Albert Heim Says:

    Thanks !!

  16. Sizzle Says:

    PLEEEEEEASE …bring back BBC PRIME! (ore even better! BBC1 and 2)

    but yes…thanks for MTV!

  17. Paquita Says:

    For us too, please bring back BBC Prime and do not start to take away channels one after the other like Cablecom does!!

  18. Massimo Says:

    Cool weiter so.Wichtig Cablecom konkurieren:Mir würden die Kinderkanälen Junior,Cartoon Network,Boomerang und Disney Channel interessieren.Wäre es möglich?Besten Dank im Voraus.

  19. Gesine Heller Says:

    Tolle Idee,das Ganze,Dank!

  20. Hans WYDER Says:

    I miss only one. La7 (Italy)
    .. thanks!

  21. Claudie Says:

    w0000000t. Thank you so much for bringing back Conan O’Brien, Jay Leno and Jürgen Domian! WTG.

  22. Top Posts « Says:

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  23. Mike Says:

    Really pleased to see ITV1, Al Jazeera and France 24 on the platform, hope they will be available in the UK soon, perhaps with the remaining ITV channels (please, please, pretty please!!)

  24. Brühlmann Says:

    verry good

  25. Kehrli Says:

    Dear Sirs
    fantastic idea of providing internet tv. however when I try to download the german/swiss tv channels on your zatto download button nothing happens.
    can you pls check and let me know what I should do.
    best regards, T.K.

  26. Gurkan Says:

    what about turkish tv channels? can you add some?

  27. chrigis Says:

    There might be a simple reason why BBC Prime is gone. Its not available for free on satellite. It’s a pay-tv service from the BBC.
    Maybe Beeb asked too much money from Zattoo.

    But as they are aware for sure BBC One to Four are available in clear on 28.2 deg east.

  28. melanie Says:

    Where did BBC Prime go to? It was the only particular reason why I downloaded zattoo. I really miss broadcasts like mad about alice or silent witness. Please regive us BBC Prime. Thanks

  29. toast_mit_butter Says:

    first things first:
    this is a fantastic program! keep up the good work!

    PLEASE bring back bbc prime!
    cablecom already ditched it and now you guys are doing it too?!
    please dont tell me you are not going to bring it back!

    best regards,

  30. Zattoo kickt BBC Prime « Chrigi’s Blog Says:

    […] hat seine Benutzer wieder mit einem Update beglückt und dabei wieder diverse neue Kanäle aufgeschaltet. Zum Beispiel France 24, DMAX oder Al Jazera […]

  31. Momo Says:

    Thank you for adding WDR, my favourite sender. I am still angry that Cablecom removed this sender.

  32. David Says:

    ATV (Österreich) wäre auch noch super…! Gibt es da Planungen ??

  33. Mike Says:

    I only got Zattoo so I could watch BBC Prime, so I’m not amused 😦

  34. vgreen Says:

    Yes, PLEEEAASE – BBC PRIME, we absolutely need it back!

  35. Helen Hansen Says:

    I am also not amused that you have slashed BBC Prime – ITV honestly is no match. Why does one exclude the other? And how about if we here in Switzerland could also get to see the Danish channels?

  36. Dimitri Says:

    I am patiently waiting for a Zattoo release in the US… Please consider the large expatriat population of Europeans who would love to get their eyes and ears on some TV from back home! I understand that there may be legal barriers, but I would like to offer my help if you need a contact in the US.

  37. Tony Says:

    Hallo Superzattoo,
    Macht so wieter ist toll!
    Meine Frau wäre sehr gluklich mit dem Sender Globo aus Brasilien. Wird es diesen sender bald geben?

  38. Zeno Says:

    Very nice, BUT: pleaseplease bring BBC Prime back!! This channel was the only reason, why I began to use and love zattoo….. Please!

  39. Roger Says:

    Pour les francophones:


  40. Ernst Says:

    thanks for the good news. Carry on this way.
    What are your next plans, additons?? TV from USA would be nice to have.

  41. aka Says:

    Please bring BBC Prime back!! This channel was my favorite.
    When can I use zattoo on my Pocket PC handheld?

  42. Markus Says:

    Danke vor allem für France 24 und Al Jazeera!

    Dies ist ein wahrhafter Beitrag zu gegenseitigem Verständnis

  43. Markus Haze Says:

    Wollte mal DANKE sagen.
    great job on this projekt.
    Macht weiter so und Zatoo the World:-)

  44. CHfish Says:

    Thank you for killing BBC Prime – It would be nice if it will be soon replaced by BBC1-4!


  45. philip Says:

    could you kindly put bbc prime back online.. and if your playing around with new channels I would be most obliged if you could get one of the swedish channels such as svt1, online.. thanks for your great work guys!!

  46. Jerome Wyss Says:

    What happend to BBC Prime??

  47. fritzz Says:

    Warum wird BBC konsequent abgeschaltet?
    Jetzt hat Zattoo keinen englischen Sender mehr ausser den Nachrichtensendern!
    Das Vorbild von Cablecom Schweiz macht offenbar auch für Zattoo Schule. Damit ist für uns kein Nutzen mehr vorhanden.


  48. Chris Says:

    Ich denke man kann es nochmals sagen:
    Einem geschenkten Gaul schaut man nicht ins Maul. Obwohl BBC Prime damals uncodiert bei Cablecom analog war, es handelte sich immer um einen _Pay-TV_ Sender. Entweder schliesst man bei BBC direkt ein Abo ab oder man bekommt ihn in einem grösseren Pay-TV Paket.

    Zattoo ist eine private Unternehmung und will auch mal Gewinn machen. Wenn jetzt die BBC mit hohen Forderungen für ihren Pay-TV Kanal kommt, hat Zattoo gar keine andere Wahl als diesen Sender zu ersetzen. Ich freue mich immer noch über dieses innovative und erst noch kostenlose Produkt. Wenn jemand BBC Prime will muss er eben zu Bluewin oder Cablecom digital TV

  49. Jester Says:

    Hi zattoo team..

    thanks so much for all those new channels, especially for ITV1 im really looking forward to ITV 2 that would be so great =)


  50. xocolatel Says:

    What happened to BBC Prime??? Because of this programme I downloaded zattoo in the first place! Will there at least be more British programmes???

  51. Ari Says:

    So when are you guys going to open the gate and allow Canadian users to access your content??? Now that you have the linux version available, I can’t wait to try it out.


  52. zack Says:

    I would like to contribute to help zattoo to become the biggest webtv site in the world so please give me an invitation, thank you so much in advance!

  53. Silvio6 Says:

    Hi and thank you so much for this choice, especially for people like me who does not have cable TV !!!

    I love the new channels, even if I don’t speak german, france24 and aljazeera.intl are a very good choice, so we have an alternative to “world news”

    But we would love to have a BBC channel back, really.

  54. nelsig Says:

    Thank you for the wonderfull application. If you need motion design for the buffering intro, I’m your man ! Keep the good job !

  55. dave Says:

    Zattoo ist ja nicht schlecht. Aber sobald mal ein Grossereigniss, wie z.B. Heute das Fussballmeisterschaftsfinale läuft, geht leider gar nichts mehr.

  56. mads Says:

    way de go!! well done..
    what happened to the two norwegian channels that turn up on my zattoo?
    they were there, now when i press.. it says not available or so such…????
    congratulations on an otherwise great offer :-))

  57. soph Says:



  58. jean luc Says:

    pour devenir membre

  59. Gus Says:

    Pleaseee… more chanels in ENGLISH!!!

  60. Craig Says:


    As both a Canadian and the product manager at Zattoo I couldn’t agree with you more! We’re working hard to expand our offering continually; let’s cross our fingers that some time soon we’ll be able to watch the playoffs on Zattoo (and that the Canadiens will make them…)





  62. Sally Avery Says:

    I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but me too, I only downloaded Zatoo for BBC Prime. If it is at all possible can we have it back please?

  63. Xela Qlito Says:

    I live in Spain, downloaded Zatoo and only get spanish chanels (plus DW, France 24 English, SF Info and Polish TV). If I want Spanish chanels I would turn on the TV. I want access to worldwide TV. Am I limited to the ones listed above? Yechhh.

  64. julien Says:

    I live in Switzerland, but I noticed that you have aded some channels, such as Antenna 3, LA1 i LA 2 there are all spanish channels.

    Would it be possible for me to watch them while leaving in Switzerland.

    thanks in advance,


  65. michael Says:

    Im afraid to say that zattoo is useless in Denmark with so few channels. Why cant we get more channels added?????

  66. fiona Says:


    i love zattoo!! it made my live extremly more comfortable ;0)
    But i really miss BBC Prime, if it would possible to watch it,too, that would be amazing!

  67. The Basement Says:

    Ich hab gewonnen :)…

    Vor nicht allzulanger Zeit hat mir Cablecom den WDR abgedreht. Doch ich hab mich nicht unterkriegen lassen. Und nun hab ich gewonnen. Zattoo hat den Sender ins Program aufgenommen.

    So long, suckers….

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