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Danish Launch Party

May 24, 2007

In what is becoming a company tradition, Zattoo will host another launch party to officially greet a new country to the Zattoo constellation. This is your turn Denmark: we’re warmly inviting all Danish users to join us this coming Friday, May 25, in Copenhagen.

We’ll meet you at Aristo (Islands Brygge 4), close to the city centre and with a nice outside area. Please join us starting 17:00 for a chance to meet and chat with part of the Zattoo team (including its Chairman and its CEO), mingle with other users, and, of course, savour free beer ūüėČ

Be there, or be square!

PS: If you plan on attending, leave a comment below, so that we’ll know how many glasses to set aside.


For the chef, the investor, and the kid in you

May 9, 2007

Nine new channels

Oops – we did it again: we made Zattoo even better. Only a couple of days after releasing a Linux version, we are adding more channels to an already impressive list. The latest release brings no less than 9 new channels in the Swiss lineup to satisfy all your TV appetites:

With Al Jazeera International and France 24 you get 24-hour breaking news from around the world. CNBC Europe helps you make better investment decisions for those sweated savings. With the capital gain and the help of TV Gusto you may be finally able to cook something more elaborate than frozen pizza and Betty Bossi’s ready-made lasagne. DMAX, “TV for men”, gets you the content to go with that pizza. And WDR is for our German friends who Cablecom so badly disappointed when they removed the channel from the analog lineup.

Finally, we’ve swapped BBC Prime with ITV1, and added a layer of topping with MTV for music lovers and Super RTL for the kids and those who still feel like one.

With a total of 48 channels, spanning 5 languages and all genres, we may deserve a little rest. After all, even God did rest on the seventh day from all the work he had untertaken. But we’re workaholics indefatigable, and we’ll keep adding channels, countries, and features. So stay with us.

Good night, and good luck.

Penguins rejoice: Linux gets TV

May 8, 2007

Zattooing Penguin

The wait is over, Linux users out there. We just released the first Zattoo client for the operating system of your choice (and that of Michael Dell). The main supported distro is Ubuntu 6.10, but the package can also be made to work with Fedora Core 6 and OpenSuse 10.2 with a little extra effort.

Can’t wait to get TV on your Linux computer? Visit our homepage and download it now (if you’re in Switzerland or Denmark) or sign up to be notified when we launch in your country.

Feedback, as always, is most welcome.


Here the answers to the most frequently asked questions thus far:

Q: I tried Zattoo on a Linux distribution that is not listed on your download page and it didn’t work. When will Zattoo work on my Linux distribution?

A: We hope to continuously expand the number of Linux distributions on which Zattoo will run. At this time we cannot however provide a precise time estimate, so please check the download page with future releases.

Q: I checked the “Remember Login in Keychain” button, but it always asks me for my login and password. What is going on?

A: This feature uses the gnome keyring, so the gnome-keyring-daemon must be properly configured for your system. For KDE desktops, you will probably have to install and configure gnome keyring. Please see the Linux download page for further instructions.

Q: I tried it on Debian (Etch) and it won’t work. Is there a way to make it work?

A: Zattoo can only run on a system with GLIB 2.4 currently.

Q: I installed from the rpm package and when I run Zattoo it complains about a missing library…

A: Look at the library that it is complaining about and make sure that the package for that library is installed. You may also want to try running the “ldconfig” command on the “/usr/lib/zattoo” directory with something like this: “sudo /sbin/ldconfig /usr/lib/zattoo”.