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Alive and kicking

March 28, 2007

Red Herring 100 Europe Winner

You might have (rightly) wondered where we’ve all been, since no news appeared here for some time now. I, for one, have been on holiday 😉 But the rest of the Z-Team worked hard and the results are here for you to savor:

  • Zattoo is one of the “Red Herring 100 Europe 2007” companies. While to John and Jane this might not sound like a big deal, industry insiders do value this kind of awards. We’re very happy RH recognized our potential.
  • In Switzerland, we passed the 250’000-user mark. It took us just over six months to zattoo more than 10% of the Swiss broadband population. We know that “past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results”, but we’re confident that we can do well in many more countries.
  • We’re ready to roll in Denmark, where we’ll launch on April 2. If you live there and want to get zattooed right on day 1, make sure you click on “Download Zattoo” on the homepage, and add your email address to the list.