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Zattoo + Vista = Love

February 18, 2007

Vista Ultimate Edition

The Zattoo Player and Windows Vista met on February 14, Valentine’s Day:

Vista: My older brother XP told me great things about you.
Zattoo [blushed]: Thanks, I’m flattered. But who are you?
Vista: I’m Vista, and I’m much more entertaining than XP.
Zattoo [horny]: Well, I’m entertaining too, so I think we should get to know each other better…

It was love at first love sight. They knew each other (as in “Adam knew Eve”), and Zattoo 2.2.4, the fruit of their love, was born. Download it here if you already have a Zattoo account. Or sign up here first if you don’t.

And the winner is…

February 15, 2007

T-shirt design

Just kidding. There’s no winner – yet. Our t-shirt contest still has not borne those mind-boggling, cuckoo, loopy, ditzy, loony designs we were hoping for. We’ll let you recover from all the hugs, kisses, and roses you hoped for received today, and grant 10 more days to send in your proposals.