Bringin’ down da house


Party place

We have reasons to celebrate:

  1. Zattoo’s latest release seems to be a hit among users
  2. Sugih, Zattoo’s co-founder and CTO, left cold and snowy Ann Arbor to enjoy a few cold and snowy days in Switzerland
  3. We’ll be moving to new, larger offices soon

Since we already share TV with you, we thought we’d also share a couple of beers and invite every Zattoo user who happens to be in Zurich on Friday, February 2, to join our not-too-wild-but-hopefully-cozy-and-fun Housewarming party, starting at 18:00. You’ll find us at the Elias-Canetti-Strasse 7, right behind Zurich-Oerlikon train station.

If you plan on attending, drop us a comment here, and let us know how many martinis, shaken, not stirred beers we should set aside for you.


29 Responses to “Bringin’ down da house”

  1. swix Says:

    Sounds good, congratulation for your growth 🙂

    2 wishes at the moment:
    – CNBC and Canal+ (at least for the “non-encoded” parts)
    – linux/freebsd-compatible client

    Merci 🙂

  2. sushi1 Says:

    hey guys, awesome job i was in ann arbor a few years ago studying i biz and i have heard about this project once or twice from some wizz guys who were majoring in mis, congrats to ur success in the project, im glad i can watch tv now on my laptop, since i dont have a tv anymore at home:) well i guess this is a reason for supporting u guys in anyway possible. looking forward for that beer on friday:P

  3. Erik Says:

    Thanks a lot, but will be in the mountains skiing. but would be eager to meet the great minds behind Zattoo.

  4. Checco Says:

    Congrats, is there only beer?

    Cheers, Checco

  5. Mapo Says:

    Friday at 18:00 I’ll be busy. Can you move the party to Saturday pls? 🙂

  6. benkösblog » zattoo lädt auf ein bier ein| thomas, lilla & finn benkö (-potori) | zürich | switzerland Says:

    […] we already share TV with you, we thought we’d also share a couple of beers and invite every Zattoo user who happens to be in Zurich this coming Friday, February 2, to join our […]

  7. Patrik St. Says:

    Coole Sache, tolle Location, freue mich für euch! Komme vielleicht auch!

    Cheers 🙂

  8. Manuel Dawson Says:

    Hi – I’ll try to make it Friday – but it’ll be so around 19 hrs. when I arrive…hope you’re still in a good (actually probably better!) mood by then!

    cheers, Manuel

  9. Simon Leinen Says:

    I’ll be there tomorrow (tried to rsvp by mail, but the response to resulted in “mailbox is full” – I hope that doesn’t mean you’re fully booked yet!


  10. mynona Says:

    cooli idee. i tauche evtl. au uf, aber bitte auch nichtbierigs dabeihaben 😉

  11. boe Says:

    ahoi, “heute” erscheint wahrscheinlich auch mit 2 nasen…

  12. musicjunkie Says:

    mal schauen :-P, hoffe da kommen einige ;-P! Mit wieviel Bier darf man rechnen :-D?

    greets musicjunkie

  13. The Oz Says:

    Hallo Zattoonie’s

    Habe euer kleinesfeines Progrämm’sche grad vor kurzem auf meinem brandneuen Lapi draufgeladen, und bin ‘one happy tv-user’.

    Das sowas cooles aus Zürich kommt UND Erfolg hat muss wirklich gefeiert werden.
    Zweimal beer eiskalt für den OZ, if u please…

    Werde für unseren mondayclub mal ein bischen recherche betreiben morgen Abend.

    Freumi, the OZ

  14. sonny Says:

    All the best wishes to your new offices and hope you go to even bigger and better heights..Wont be coming on friday unfourtunatly but i wish you and the others lots of fun

  15. Drunken Duck Says:

    Hallo there…
    ja ich komme sehr gerne und ich bringe auch einen riesen durst mit den ich komme wie warscheindlich alle nach dem arbeiten! ich bringe noch einen arbeitskollegen mit!!! bis später…

    PS: kauft noch mehr bier

  16. Javier Says:

    Count me in! We’ll be two persons…and get that T-Shirt ready! 😉

  17. Müller Eugen Says:

    Hallo zusammen. Das ist ja eine supper Coole Sache.
    Komme auf jedenfall vorbei. greets Eugen

  18. guido Says:

    I may get there too.


  19. Petar Marjanovic Says:

    Schönes Büro habt ihr euch da zugelegt. Würde gerne im Rahmen einer Schülerzeitung Sie für ein Interview besuchen kommen. Grüsse aus der Ostschweiz.

  20. maufi Says:

    Hi there! fantastic, excellent quality and channes!

    just have a few problems with TSI2!


  21. Thomas Says:

    Good Product! a Wii client as Wii channel would be GREAT! Why don’t you knock on Nintendos Doors?

  22. shamnex Says:

    great program but just one question, which ports does zattoo use, I wanna stream it to my psp but i need the ports,

  23. Wolfgang Says:

    Hi folks

    after installing the recent betaversion update on my XP SP2 system, ztatto crashed instantly. What noew?

  24. Says:

    aj em kosovo

  25. Says:

    aj em albana

  26. Erich Says:

    Schade, habe ich zu spät gelesen.
    Gratuliere zu diesem Erfolg.

    Wie wäre es noch mit 3sat ? Würde mich freuen.

    Ich hoffe, dass Ihr eine tolle Prty hattet!

  27. tonja Says:

    no comment

  28. maurizio Says:


  29. Kurt Says:

    Hi Guys
    Great Idea – when can we access you from Thailand – Need YOU in Asia !!
    Thanks and best regards and success for your team !

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