Call for Testers


Blue Screen of Death

You don’t fear Blue Screens of Death or kernel panics, your computer is a natural extension of your arm (watch the video!), and you are fluent in both English and Computerish.

Then you’re the perfect candidate for our Beta Program. As we gear up to release a major new version of Zattoo, we’d like to have some of the existing Zattoo users in Switzerland try it out first and help us making it better before unleashing it in the wild.

If you’re interested, sign up here. You’ll get our endless gratitude and, if we become famous, we’ll say “Thank you!” in public.

UPDATE: Thanks to all those who signed up! We had an overwhelmig response and are closing the submission form for now. If you didn’t make it for this round, stay tuned for the next one…


15 Responses to “Call for Testers”

  1. Pellet Thierry Says:

    Good evening.
    I had the opportunity to test your item and was quite astonished. I’m interested and would like to become a member of your group of testers.
    Sincerely yours
    Thierry Pellet

  2. Fabian Says:

    Why does the zattoo website never state, that upstream bandwith is being used while running zattoo?

  3. Christian Decker Says:

    Hi, I have to say that Zattoo is the best IPTV solution I’ve seen so far, but living in a student house I’m having some problems with up/downspeed, so is there a way to relay Zattoo? I would like to setup a local server that relays the streams for all my colleaques.


  4. Snyke Says:

    It would be very very nice to see a Linux Client too, and having already done a Mac version it shouldn’t be so hard either.

  5. Joet Says:

    Perhaps I’m already in the tester list, if not please include me in!
    Thank you! -Joet.

  6. itsme Says:


    I was wondering if you could possibly create a portable port of this application. It might be of great use for people who do not have rights to install an application on their office’ computer.

    Your feedback by email would be highly appreciated.

    Rest, I’ll test it at home and will surely participate to the beta program if I like it.

  7. Linux_User Says:

    Hi there,

    Please create a GNU/Linux client of Zattoo.
    Zattoo would get a lot users from the opensource community.
    There are many user that use only Linux like me which want use Zattoo.

    a Linux User

  8. jim sullivan Says:

    Hi – I am present on several forums and blog sites and would be glad to bdecome one of your testers. I produce abstract visuals and am almost always present working on my pc.
    hope to hear from you

  9. jpm Says:

    Why not a linux client?
    Please, I would support a linux client!
    I’m also willing to help.



  10. Raideiin Says:

    I’m a linux user too.. please release a linux version of your client!

  11. CJT Says:

    Hi there,
    I am also a linux user, and a zattoo client would be great. I also offer myself (please use my mail account above) to test the software whenever you have a not final release

  12. Bone Says:

    Hrm. A posix/X client would be nice… Very nice…

  13. OG Says:

    Another vote for a Linux client.
    Oh, and maybe you could mention the OS requirement somewhere before people waste their time registering…

  14. Arael Says:

    I’m also a GNU/linux user.

    Please release a client also for our platform.

    I will help with bug hunting and I’m sure that many other people will do the same.

    ^_________________^ Do we zattoo? At moment we don’t so let us zattoo!

  15. Dirk Says:

    Here’s another linux user! Please provide a linux client.

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