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Zattoo has been up and running for a while now. Since our debut in June, we’ve been so busy rubbing off the rough edges, that we haven’t even had time to set up a proper blog. But here we are now. We have a few sweet things to announce and just couldn’t wait any longer:

You asked for it, you got it
We have always been aiming to provide an extended channel lineup, and here it is. Zattoo just recently went from 4 to more than 20 channels. You can now enjoy more news, music, sports and shows right there on your laptop.

TV for free
Just in case you’re wondering, Zattoo is still free. And it should remain like that for the foreseable future. Also when we’ll add a payment system, we’ll continue to offer certain channels for free, and provide a range of paid services to satisfy all of your exotic channel needs.

Share the wealth
Don’t keep Zattoo all for yourself. We made it much easier to share Zattoo with the ones you care about. Simply login to your account, click on “Invite a friend”, and share TV-to-go with your friends.

If you’re reading this from somewhere outside of Switzerland… sorry, you’re out of luck. Right now, Zattoo is only available in the country of chocolate and cuckoo clocks. We’ll be expanding to the rest of Europe soon though, so stay tuned!


21 Responses to “Share new channels with your friends”

  1. Pascal Says:

    Fortunately I’m living in Switzerland, so I tested the sharing right after this informative message – thank you.

  2. Esteban Says:

    this is friggin great!…thanx for the service! any chance u ll get espn, axn, sony, e!, discovery, history channel, national geographic channel, nickelodeon and fox?…PLEAAAAAAAAAASE?

  3. Simon Leinen Says:

    I wanted to invite a few colleagues today, but I cannot find the “invite” function anymore. Has this been lost in a Web-site update?

    (In particular, I wanted to invite people with access to high-capacity uplinks… it seems to me that such users would be important for the scaling properties of Zatoo…)

  4. Francesco Says:


    Indeed – we had to temporarily remove the invite function from the website to speed up the update. You can either wait a few days until the invite system is back up, or just point your colleagues to : we removed the wait list, so anyone living in Switzerland is now free to sign up!

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Bert Says:


    Switzerland is not the country of the cuckoo clocks, these originally come from the Black Forest in Southern Germany. That is why they are also called “German Clocks”….

    Yours sincerely,



  6. filippo Says:

    infortunately i live in italy please make it available for all europe very soon

  7. Michael Says:

    Isn’t it posible, to the new swiss channel “3+” in the Progrsmme to… ??!!

  8. Michael Says:

    sorry… i mean… to put the new swiss channel 3+ in the programme to… sorry

  9. HP Says:

    Congratualtions, this is just vibrant and great As I am travelling quite a bit, I am looking forward to get Zattoo access also outside Switzerland.

  10. Reto Says:

    forget about 3+ (just one more of the already to many stupid tv-channels); but what about adding all the channels that cablecom made disappear by moving them to digital tv. doing so Zattoo could become a serious concurrence to the mentionned company.

  11. Nico Says:

    I have tried several times to get at least an acceptable picture, but even if I have a 6000-connection from Cablecom, watching the programs causes only stress. It was not possible to watch TV close to real quality not even one single time. Error messages that there was not enough capacity kept on coming. Even for a Beta-version, this is just poor. All feedbacks I sent remained unanswered. People: if you continue like this, you will not be the next big thing. Sorry. I think I will test it in a few months again, if there is no other service available until then.

  12. Francesco Says:

    Nico, I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t have a satisfactory experience with Zattoo.

    The warning messages about low bandwidth you are experiencing refer to the end-to-end bandwidth between your computer and the Zattoo servers. It can happen that on that path, the video signal travels through an overloaded network node, where the bandwidth lowers below our warning threshold. This can happen also with a 6-Mbps Internet connection, especially when from Cablecom (more about their peering tactics here).

    Thanks also for submitting your post and the feedback – I encourage you to continue to do so. I’m sure you’ll understand that we are not able to answer every single piece of feedback, but we do value them all.

  13. Nikos Says:

    Hello Francesco!!i m from switzerland in Lausanne and i want to know when the others canals would be open??you said it’s coming soon…but it ‘s now 2 months the same words…can you say me when it will come please??thanx you!!see you soon

  14. Daniel Says:

    Sorry I can’t view the service yet. I’m from the US, yet studying at uni in Canada and I think this service would help improve my French (since I’m a French major). Would there be a possibility of adding additional channels to the service that are non-European, such as Radio-Canada or Télé-Québec, for instance?

  15. Dimitri Says:

    I am a Swiss-American and was wondering when Zattoo service will become available here in the US. Are we talking years from now, or sometime in the forseeable future?

    This seems to be a great service, but unfortunately it is useless to me and all the other expatriates…

  16. eve Says:

    I’m currently living and studying in italy and italian TV is just not my cup of tea… when will it be possible to watch swiss and german channels using Zattoo? btw. it is a great tool!

  17. Angelo Says:

    Hello “Zattoo” creators, I just use your site since a few weeks and I am absolutely happy about the quality… Thanks for your perfect service… I hope in the future your company will grow up and will be the leading company in Internet TV Services! I am very lucky to live in Switzerland and to use ZATTOO.

  18. Fabrizio Says:

    Hello Zattoo people!
    …it’s a shame we can’t use Zattoo overseas!

    I’m arrived in SydneyAUS from Zug,Switzerland last year in SEPT and I can’t use it!…and I miss the European channels very much, but with this prg it would be a dream.

    When will it be available in Australia. Pls let me know if I can help somehow.

    Kind Regards,

  19. Joet Says:

    Hi, Ztv Lovers!
    I just love Zattoo tv. I listen to the Int’l channels. But I use any of the Swiss, French, German, Spanish channels as bacground sound while I work. I hope to learn them by osmosis!
    The 2.2.2 beta version shows much promise. The sound and signal has
    improved much along with the number of Channels. Perhaps the future list of Channels will indicate what language each channel is on.
    For those of you who don’t have access to Ztv yet, don’t despair! That future will be here soon!
    Keep up the good work, Ztv Gurus!
    -Joet. GoZtv!

  20. rolf winiger Says:

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